Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Records, 1952-2007, n.d.

22 cu. ft. (22 record center boxes)

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The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences was established in 1953, when the Board of Trustees authorized graduate programs in the areas of Chemistry, Music, Psychology, and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. The Graduate School today offers the following degrees: Master of Arts, Master of Sciences, Master of Fine Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy in 30 different fields. The first M.A. and M.F.A. degrees were conferred in 1954 and the first Ph.D. degree in 1957. The Graduate Council, of which the Dean of Arts and Sciences is the chair, is in charge of as academic programs and planning, degree requirements, and general regulations.

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Scope and Contents
Files in this collection were created from 1952 through 2007. A significant portion of the files were created in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Materials include correspondence, memos on academic and administrative functions, meeting minutes--particularly those of the Graduate Council and faculty--financial files, reports, lists, surveys and profiles of graduate students, statistical materials, publications, commencement preparations and programs. The collection also includes some historical information on the Graduate School and graduate students, departmental and program files, library and committee files, as well as a variety of subject files. A significant amount of the materials were generated by the different deans in the Graduate School.

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Early Historical Materials (box 1)
Deans' Papers (boxes 2-6)
Graduate Council Meeting Minutes (box 7)
Financial Files (box 8)
Departmental and Program Files (boxes 8-11)
Presidents' Correspondence (boxes 11-12)
Board of Trustees (box 12)
Faculty (box 12)
Statistics (box 13)
Graduate Student Profiles (box 14)
Committees (boxes 14-15)
Subject Files (boxes 15-17)
Student Services (boxes 17-18)
Library (boxes 18-19)
Commencement (boxes 19-20)
General Reports (boxes 21-22)
Audio Visual Materials (box 22)

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Series Summary
Early Historical Materials
Inclusive Dates: 1953-1978, n.d.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains a diverse range of files that capture the early
history of the graduate school. The materials include the inauguration
booklet of the Graduate School; historical description such as "History
and Definition of the Graduate School" and "Policies and Procedures;"
correspondence, memos, reports, statistics; and surveys of and
information on the graduate student body. There are also various files
on enrollment and funding, registration materials, and historical
material on the creation of the Graduate Student Council, now know as
the Graduate Students Association (GSA).

Deans' Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1952-2006
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains the papers of all the deans of the Graduate School,
beginning with the first dean, Leonard Levy. The materials mostly
include general administrative files such as correspondence and memos
dealing with departments and programs, the president's office, faculty
and students, various committees, sponsors and donors to the school, as
well as associations, organizations and schools external to Brandeis.
There are also various announcements and publications regarding
conferences, lectures and events on campus; papers detailing new
academic and scholarship proposals, training and research grants; as
well as financial, budget, and fund-raising files of the Graduate
School. A variety of surveys, reports, statistical profiles and lists
have also been generated by the different deans, principally Dean Robert

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes
Inclusive Dates: 1958-2006
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains the detailed minutes of Graduate Council meetings
over a twenty-eight year period.

Financial Files
Inclusive Dates: 1953-1987
Arrangement: Alphabetical, except Budget, which are in chronological order
This series contains the financial files of the Graduate School such as
budget matters, financial aid, and income from scholarships and
fellowships as well as fees and tuition. The materials include budget
reports, raw data from actual accounts, and lists of  expenses and income.

Departmental and Program Files [R]
Inclusive Dates: 1959-1996
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains various materials connected with the various
departments, programs, institutes, or centers throughout Brandeis, some
of which are now obsolete such as Classical and Oriental Studies, and
Neuroscience. The materials include general administrative files such as
memos, correspondence, budget information and reports. They also include
general descriptions of the departments and programs; the graduate
student body and services provided for them; information on research and
teaching assistants, grants, fellowships and scholarships; as well as
various publicity items such as brochures and flyers.

Presidents' Correspondence
Inclusive Dates: 1959-1977
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains correspondence with Abram Sachar, Charles
Schottland, and Marver Bernstein concerning the Graduate School of Arts
and Sciences. Sachar generated most of the correspondence in this series.

Board of Trustees
Inclusive Dates: 1963-1977
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains the detailed minutes of Board of Trustees meetings
over a seven year period and a file of general matters relating to the

Faculty [R]
Inclusive Dates: 1960-2004
Arrangement: Alphabetical, except Faculty Meeting Minutes and Faculty
Senate Meeting Minutes which are in chronological order.
This series contains the detailed minutes of faculty and faculty senate
meetings, as well as general administrative files on a variety of
faculty-related matters such as faculty lists, grants awarded, and
faculty library committee.

Inclusive Dates: 1960-1994
Arrangement: Alphabetical, except Head Counts, etc. which are in
chronological order
This series contains statistical records of the graduate student body
such as enrollment figures, actual head counts from 1960 through 1989,
and registration numbers.

Graduate Student Profiles
Inclusive Dates: 1954-1988
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains files on the profile of graduate students at
Brandeis. This would include student profiles and name lists, minority
student information, and surveys of earned doctorates coupled with PhD
and dissertation information. There is also a student roster file dating
from 1954.

Inclusive Dates: 1958-1979
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains files accumulated by the graduate school deans who
served on various committees such as Academic Planning, Administrative,
Admission, Curriculum Review, Disciplinary, Educational Policy, Faculty,
General Education as well as various sub-committees such as Curriculum
Oversight and Education. The materials include reports from the
committees, correspondence and memos.

Subject Files
Inclusive Dates: 1953-1996
Arrangement: Alphabetical, except Publicity which are in chronological
This series contains a large variety of files connected to different
departments at Brandeis, ranging from academic to administrative, as
well as files connected with organizations external to the university.
This series contains two sets of files concerning the student strike in
the 1970s and files dealing with the black student seizure of Ford Hall
in 1969. The materials in these files typically include memos,
correspondence, surveys and questionnaires, reports and lists. Files
dealing with issues within Brandeis would include affirmative action and
minority student information; various graduate student information
derived from surveys and lists; alumni and teaching assistant materials;
files from security and public affairs offices; and publications
circulated within the Brandeis community, such as newsletters from the
Office of the President, as well as publications intended for potential
students, such as flyers describing the various academic departments and
scholarship/grant opportunities. There are also files that are connected
to external organizations such as the Council of Graduate Schools in the
United States, the National Academy of Sciences, Science Council, and
Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Student Services
Inclusive Dates: 1958-1995
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains general administrative files such as memos,
correspondence, and publications such as brochures and booklets,
concerning the various student services provided by the University.
These services include housing, health care and insurance, counseling,
and language tutorials.

Inclusive Dates: 1959-1978
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains general administrative files connected with the
Brandeis libraries, which include information on budget, holdings,
personnel, security, Special Collections, and committees such as the
building committee and the National Women's Committee. The materials
include correspondence, statistics, memos, and miscellaneous meeting
minutes and reports.

Inclusive Dates: 1954-1990
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains a variety of files concerning the annual
commencement exercise. The materials include copies of the commencement
program or booklet, lists of graduating students,  miscellaneous memos
and correspondence that have to do with  planning for the actual
commencement exercises. Planning materials include the schedule of
activities for the day of commencement itself as well as detailed
diagrams of the various seating positions of attendees.

General Reports
Inclusive Dates: 1977-1996
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains bound reports of the visiting and advisory
committees to a few departments and programs such as Anthropology,
American Studies, Economics, and Music, among others. It also contains
reports to the president from 1977 through 1991. There are also various
departmental publications such as flyers, brochures and publicity

Audio Visual Materials
Inclusive Dates: 1998-2004, n.d.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series includes five reel-to-reel audio recordings of class
lectures, and CDs of "GSASFYI News" and the Graduate Journal.

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Folder List
Early Historical Materials
Box 1
          Admission policy: pass-fail grading, 1970-1972
          Advanced degree offerings 1953-1954
          American Association of University Professors, 1963-1968
          American Council on Education survey, 1960-1975
          Application, n.d.
          Catalog: miscellaneous, 1958-1964
          Committee meeting minutes, October 1952-December 1957
          Continuation students, 1964-1965
          Department of English: Historical Survey, 1954-1971
          Dissertation titles, 1961-1962
          Educational policy committee, 1959-1963
          Eight-year limit for graduate study, 1961
          Enrollments, 1959-1964
          Enrollment and funding, 1959-1975
          Forms for GSAS, 1954-1958
          General Correspondence, 1953-1960 [3 folders]
          Graduate Committee (explains transition to GSAS), 1958
          Graduate Committee, 1956-1957
          Graduate Student Council: historical material, 1968
          Graduate Student Council: meeting minutes, 1969-1971
          Graduate Student Council, 1972-1978
          Graduate Student Procedures, 1958-1959
          Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) survey of graduate fellowships, etc., 1959-1963
          Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) survey of students for advanced degrees, 1959-1965
          History and definition of the Graduate School, 1957-1961
          Inauguration booklet of the Graduate School, 1958
          Letterhead, n.d.
          National Education Association survey, 1960-1965
          PhDs Conferred since 1957, c. 1976
          Policies and procedures, 1959-1960
          Preparation of Ph.D. dissertations, 1959-1960
          Publication: University Gazette, 1959-1963
          Registration materials: general, 1957-1971
          Registration materials, 1960, 1968-1969 [2 folders]
          Reports, October 1971
          Research assistantships, 1961-1962
          Selective service information, 1952-1967
          Statistics: surveys on fees and grades, 1958
Box 2
          Student awards statistics, 1954-1959
          Student correspondence, 1961-1967
          Student services, 1954
          Ten-year report, 1954-1964
          Withdrawals, 1961

Deans' Papers
Box 2
     Leonard Levy
          Correspondence, 1961-1962
          Correspondence with Dean of Science, 1962-1964
          Environmental Science, 1969
          Four-year Masters Program, 1960-1962
          Herzliah, 1962-1963
          MAT Program, 1963
          Metropolitan Studies, 1960
          New graduate areas, 1952-1960
          PhD degrees: final procedures, 1959
          Philosophy of Science, 1960-1963
          Students information (miscellaneous), 1961
          Teaching assistants, 1957-1963
     Harold Weisberg
          Correspondence with Albert Axelrad, 1965
          Correspondence with Rabbi Myron Berman, 1965
          Hillel Director, 1966-1975
          Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1966
          Pre- and post-Doctoral Research Fellows, 1960-1969
          Reports and Questionnaires, 1959-1965
          Science and arts camps, 1965
          Soviet-GSE Students, 1964-1965
          Summer Institute, 1964-1965
          (Adult) Summer Institute, 1965-1967
          Summer School, 1958-1961
          Teaching Assistants Office Space, 1963
     Lawrence Finkelstein
               President Abrams, 1968-1969
               A. J. Leigh, 1967-1968
               with David Squire, 1969
          Dean of Faculty, 1967-1969
          Graduate programs, 1968-1969
          Joint degree program, 1968
          Morse Communication Center, 1967
          Newman Club, 1968
          Registration, 1969
          University of the Andes, 1969
     Brendan Maher
          Chairs, 1971-1972
          Committee for Academic Standards, 1971
          Correspondence, 1970, ca. 1970 [2 folders]
          Executive Committee, 1970
          Faculty Matters, 1969-1971
          Five Estates Conference, 1969
          Graduate School needs, 1969
          Interview Space, 1969
          Latin American Studies, 1970
          Leave of Absence, 1970
          Life Insurance, 1970
          Long Range Planning, 1971
          Mailing Plates, 1970
          Memo to all graduate departments, 1970
          Mental Health, 1970
          Mexican American Studies, 1970-1971
          National Endowment for the Humanities, 1969
          Pope John 23rd Chair, 1969
          Proposal for a Committee for Experimental Programs, 1970
          Romance Languages, 1969
          Science Council, 1968-1969
          Teaching statistics, 1970
          Tuition, 1967-1970
          Undergraduate Affairs, 1968-1970
          Undergraduate Student Council, 1969-1970
          University Development, 1969-1972
          University Policy, 1969-1972
          Upward Bound, 1971
          U.S. Arms Control, 1969
          U.S. Office of Education, 1969
          Widener Library Use, 1970
     Eugene Black
          Assistant Dean Butler: termination, 1972
          Correspondence, 1964
          Correspondence with Levinson, 1968-1972
          Dubrovnik Consortium, 1971-1972
          Fletcher School, 1972
          Higher Education Personnel Training Program, 1969-1971
          School of Science Council, 1971-1972
          Secondary School Teaching, 1971
          Semester hour credit value, 1971
          Wesleyan Cross-Registration, 1971-1972
Box 3
     Jack Goldstein
          Abrams, Harry, 1974
          Academic calendar revision, 1975
          Academic planning committee, 1972-1974
          Academic planning meeting minutes, 1974-1975
          Administrative Committee of the Faculty, 1971-1973
          Admissions: ranking, 1974
          AICUM financial Aid Proposal, 1974
          Alumni fund-raising, 1974
          Animal Care Advisory Committee, 1974
          Animal Facility Committee, 1973-1974
          (Foster) Animal Facility, 1972-1974
          (Foster) Animal Facility (Users Committee), 1974
          Audit, 1974
          Bicentennial Committee, 1973-1974
          Binstock File (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development), 1972
          Boston area Center for the Study of Archaeological Materials, 1975
          Brandeis University Press, 1972-1974
          Calendar reform, 1971-1974
          Career counseling, 1974
          Committee on Graduate Education (Kelly Report), 1972-1973
          Computer activity, 1974
          Computer center
               budget, 1974
               general, 1971-1974
               quarterly review, 1971-1974
               newsletter, 1976
          Conference on relativity (Cambridge), 1974
          Copernicus file, 1974
               General, 1973-1974
               David Dibner, 1973-1989
               Robert Leestma (re: Title VI), 1973
               B. Levinson, 1973-1974
          Covenant weekend, 1974
          Dean of College file, 1972-1974
          à�migrà� scholars committee, 1974
          Energy colloquia, 1973-1974
          Energy committee, 1973-1974
          English high school collaboration, 1975
          Equitable Life Assurance, 1974
          Ethnic heritage grant proposal, 1974
          Ethnic heritage project, 1974
          Faculty committee on the status of women, 1972
          Family studies committee, 1974
          Film: The Covenant, 1974
          Financial, 1973-1975
          Foundations, n.d.
          Fund-raising, 1973-1974
          Fund-raising: Iran, 1974
          Fund-raising: Latin America, 1974
          Graduate admissions, 1974
          Graduate society, 1974
          Graduate teaching fellows, 1973
          Great Teachers Committee (TV series), 1974
          Health Studies, 1972-1974
          Health studies program, 1973-1976
          Health studies proposal, 1974
          Heller School health studies planning committee, 1974
          Heller search committee, 1972-1976
Box 4
          Indirect cost, 1976-1977
          Information Processing Institute, 1974
          Iranian Pahlavi Foundation, 1974
          Iranian Studies, 1974
          Israel research center, 1974
          Japan Foundation, 1973
          Jewish Education Program (Advisory Board Committee), 1973
          Long Island Jewish Hospital, 1973
          Medieval Studies project, 1973
          Memoranda to department chairs, 1972-1974
          Newsletter on extramural support, 1974-1975
          New England Board of Higher Education, 1974
          NSF grant proposal, 1972
          Ollie Cohen dedication, 1973
          Placement, 1969-1973
          Planning, 1972-1974
          Planning conference, 1972, 1973 [2 folders]
          President Bernstein Inaugural, 1972
          Research grants: working papers, 1970-1974
          Special committee on graduate faculty, 1971
          Sponsored research, 1973-1977
          Sponsored research reports, 1973-1974
          Statistical sheets, 1972-1973
          Summer program, 1975
          Training Grants, 1972-1974
          Transitional year program, 1968-1972
          Work-study proposal - health careers, 1974
     Helen Codere
          Art history Masters program, 1975
          Dr. Albert, Phyllis, 1973-1977
          Basic requirements for graduate programs, 1977
          GSAS sources & allocations, 1975-1976
          Helmsley lecture series, 1975
          New England Association of Graduate Schools conference, 1976
          NSF RIAS Program, 1975, 1976 [2 folders]
          Radcliffe Institute, 1975
          Sources and allocation of funds, 1965-1975
          Sponsored research, 1975-1976
          University Press of New England (Correspondence), 1972-1976
          Year-end reports, 1975-1977
     Robert Art
          Allocation of named awards, 1979-1983
          Budget, 1977-1978
          (Department) Budgets, 1979-1980
          Budget (bound), 1981-1982
Box 5
          Combined application for fellowship and institutional grants in the sciences, 1979, 1981
          Corporation and foundation trips, 1980
          Doctoral placement profile, 1973-1983 [2 folders]
          Endowed and restricted funds, 1978-1982 [4 folders]
          Follow-up study on the placement of arts and sciences doctorates, 1973-1980
          Fund-raising (notebook), 1977
          Graduate endowment survey, 1977
          Graduate students for undergraduate teaching, 1979
          Graduate student teachers, 1981
          Impact of University Studies on humanities departments, 1983
          Kelly Report, 1972
          Micro statistics department analysis, 1977
          Minority recruitment, 1979-1980
          PhDs conferred and dissertation titles since 1957 (bound), 1957-1974
          Program ranking, 1983
          Program related, 1978-1979
          Program review, 1974-1979
          Recommended budget report, 1979-1980
          Report of the Graduate School Commission, ca 1981
          Report of the Graduate Studies Commission, 1981
          Report to the President on admissions, 1983-1984
          SAAR, 1979-1980
          Statistical profile of the Graduate School (2 copies), 1965-1977
Box 6
          Statistical Study of the Graduate School, 1965-1977
          Supervision of theses, 1969-1979
          Teaching assistants: miscellaneous, 1979
          Teaching assistant survey, September 1980
     Anne Carter
          Faculty Appointments, 1981
          Faculty Allocations, 1981
          Faculty (Raw Data), 1981
          Ogun State University--Nigeria, 1983
     David Kaplan
          Annual report on sponsored programs, 1987-1988
          Center for International and Comparative Studies: Report on Activities, 1987-1989
          Distinguished service awards, 1988-1989
          Endowed and restricted funds, 1983-1984
          Fellowship reports, 1984-1985
          Higher education panel survey: "Access to supercomputers," 1985
          Memorandum, 1985
          Miscellaneous budget and financial, 1988-1989
          Report to the President, 1985
     Bernard Wasserstein
          Academic planning group report (confidential), 1992
          Annual report to Arthur H. Reis, 1987
          Associate Dean position, 1990
          Center for International and Comparative Studies, 1979-1991
          Chen Lemin visit, November 27, 1991
               Interim President Stuart Altman, 1990-1991
               John R. Hose, 1991-1992
               Jehuda Reinharz, Provost, 1992
               Arthur H. Reis, 1991
               Robert Sekular, Provost, 1990-1991
               Samuel O. Thier, President, 1991
          Fellowship budget, 1991-1992
          Graduate programs assessment, March 12, 1992
          Graduate Student Association, 1992
          Noah Lucas Lecture, September 19, 1991
          Orientation, 1990
          Report to Board of trustees, 1992
          Yevgeny Yevtushenko visit, 1991
     Catherine Butler -- Assistant Dean
          Center International de Documentation Economique et Sociale Africaine, 1962-1963
          Correspondence/memos, 1967-1969
          Foreign Language Exam (policy matters), 1961-1973
          Foreign Language Testing Program, 1967
          Foreign Student Orientation, 1978-1979
          General Foreign Student Matters, 1981-1989 [7 folders]
          Graduate Alumni Employment, 1971
          LASPAU (Latin American Studies Program), 1971-1972, 1983-1984 [2 folders]
          Law School, 1980
          Library I.D. Cards, 1962-1968
          Overseas Study, 1978-1989 [11 folders]
          Post-residence Fee, 1980
          Sachar Faculty Grants, 1976-1978
               Research and Study Abroad--Fulbright, 2003
               University Dissertation Year Fellowships, 2004-2005
               Sachar Scholarship Application, 2004-2005
          Student Loans, 1959-1968
          U.S. Dept. of Justice and Law Enforcement, 1970-1974
          U.S. Dept. of Labor Grants, 1968-1969
          Wien-Sachar, 1970-1978
      Milton Kornfeld
               Research and Study Abroad--Fulbright, 2003
               University Dissertation Year Fellowships, 2004-2005
               Sachar Scholarship Application, 2004-2005
          Memos and Announcements, 2006

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes
Box 7
          Graduate Council meeting minutes, 1958-2006 [29 folders]

Financial Files
Box 8
          Academic Budget, 1971
          Accounting, 1985-1987
          Budget, 1953-1974 [12 folders]
          Budget Matters, 1982-1987
          Budget: overview, 1966-1972
          Budget: shrinking income, 1967-1972
          Fees and tuition, 1958-1978
          Financial aid, 1972-1973
          Expenditures, 1969-1973
          External grants recipients, 1964-1968
          Scholarship and fellowship income information, 1960-1971

Departmental and Program Files
Box 8
          Anthropology, 1971-1994
          Anthropology: faculty publications, 1996
          Biology, 1972-1996 [2 folders]
          Biochemistry, 1972-1989 [2 folders]
          Bioorganic Chemistry, 1989-1992
          Biophysics, 1973-1985
          Center for International and Comparative Studies, 1986-1992
          Chemistry, 1972-1979
Box 9
          Chemistry, 1980-1993 [2 folders]
          Classical and Oriental Studies, 1988-1991
          Comparative History, 1973-1992
          Computer Science, 1988-1996
          English, 1969-1994
          English: Department Meeting Minutes, 1967-1978
          English: restricted, 1989-1993
          Fine Arts, 1980-1981
          Four-year Masters Program, 1960-1976
          Genetic Counseling, 1992-1993
          Gordon Policy Center, 1979-1991 [2 folders]
          Heller School, 1973
          History of American Civilization, 1973-1994
          History of Ideas, 1973-1974
          Human Services Management, 1976-1983 [3 folders]
          Jewish Communal Service, 1980-1995 [2 folders]
          Jewish Communal Service: restricted, 1989-1994
Box 10
          Continuing Jewish Studies, 1968-1989 [2 folders]
          Joint Program in Literary Studies, 1973-1995
          Lasker Fellows Program in Civil Liberties and Civil Rights, 1959-1963
          Lemberg Program of International Economics and Finance, 1986-1988
          Lemberg Program of International Economics and Finance, 1989-1992
          Management Program, 1988
          Mathematics, 1973-1994
          Mathematics: restricted, 1989-1993
          Mediterranean Studies, 1972-1980
          Music, 1964-1980
          Music, 1981-1995
          Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, 1971-1981
          Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, 1982-1994
          Neuroscience, 1993
          Photobiology, 1975-1987
          Philosophy, 1972-1979
          Philosophy, 1980-1991
          Physics, 1972-1980
Box 11
          Physics, 1981-1991
          Politics, 1972-1996 [3 folders]
          Post-Baccalaureate: Premedical Program, 1993-1995
          Post-Baccalaureate: Studio Arts, 1993-1995
          Program in Law and Society, n.d.
          Psychology, 1972-1992 [2 folders]
          Romance Languages and Comparative Literature, 1968-1970
          Sociology, 1973-1995
          Theater Arts, 1970-1995 [3 folders]
          Theater Arts: Brandeis Repertory Company, 1988
          University Studies, 1981-1986
          University Studies program: information packet, March 1992
          Women's Studies, 1990-1992

Presidents' Correspondence
Box 11
          Dr. Sachar: correspondence, 1959-1968 [10 folders]
Box 12
          Charles Schottland, 1971-1974
          President Bernstein: correspondence, 1972-1977 [3 folders]

Board of Trustees
Box 12
          Board of trustees miscellaneous, 1963-1967
          Board of trustees meeting minutes, 1971-1977 [6 folders]

Box 12
          Faculty meeting minutes, 1964-1976, 2003 [14 folders]
          Faculty Meeting Agenda and Minutes, 2004
          Faculty senate meeting minutes, 1960-1976, 2003 [10 folders]
          Faculty enrollment, 1970
          Faculty executive committee, 1965
          Faculty grants awarded, 1969-1972
          Faculty library committee, 1968-1969
          Faculty lists and general faculty information, 1964-1971
          Faculty matters: confidential, 1957-1974
          Faculty travel, 1969
          Faculty handbook, 1968

Box 13
          Council of Graduate Schools survey, 1968-1976
          Dean generated statistical report, 1968-1969
          Enrollment, 1958-1970
          Head counts, etc., 1960-1989 [29 folders]
          Overall enrollment figures, 1965-1978
          Registration: Spring, 1994
          Steady-state enrollment figures, 1960-1964
          University fact file, 1988-1989

Graduate Student Profiles
Box 14
          Advanced degree students information, 1968-1969
          Application box scores, 1969-1970
          Application lists, 1957-1961
          Graduate student list, 1982-1986 [3 folders]
          Graduate student profiles, 1962-1965
          Minority students information, 1967-1988
          PhD and dissertation information, 1961-1964
          Student information, 1969-1970
          Student roster, 1954-1968
          Survey of earned doctorates, 1970-1979
          Survey of earned doctorates, 1958-1969

Box 14
          Academic planning committee, 1973-1976 [2 folders]
          Academic standards committee, 1971
          Ad hoc committee, 1964-1967
          Administrative committee, 1960-1969 [8 folders]
          Adult education committee, 1961-1963
          Admission and awards committee, 1958-1966
          Admission and finance committee, 1971-1972
          Curriculum oversight sub-committee, 1964-1966
          Curriculum review committee, 1969
          Disciplinary committee, 1959-1969 [2 folders]
          Educational policy committee, 1964-1969 [6 folders]
Box 15
          Education sub-committee, 1968
          Environmental committee, 1968-1974
          Faculty committee, 1973
          General education committee, 1965
          National women's committee, 1968-1969
          Wien faculty committee, 1967
          University machine shop sub-committee, 1973
          Urban Studies committee, 1969-1979

Subject Files
Box 15
          Academic guide for new faculty, 1990
          Academic guide for teaching assistants, 1991
          Affirmative action
               miscellaneous, 1973-1977 [2 folders]
               recruiting, 1981
               recruiting report, 1980
               women and ethnic groups by department, 1975
          Community affirmative action review, 1992, 1993 [2 folders]
          Alumni Questionnaires, 1964
          American Council of Education: rating of graduate programs, 1969-1972
          Awards: miscellaneous, 1976-1984
          Black students statistics and report, 1970-1971
          Coalition for aid to private education, 1970
          Computer center, 1973-1975
          Conduct of courses, 1970
          Consensual relations policy, 1989-1990
          Continuing education, 1970
               Ira Berk, 1968-1973
               Dean of Faculty, 1963-1966
               Dean of Financial Affairs, 1958-1969 [2 folders]
               Dean of Students, 1964-1969
               David L. Robien, Director of Business Administration, 1960-1971
          Council of Graduate Schools
               in the United States, 1961-1971 [3 folders]
               annual report, 1970-1988
               in the United States: miscellaneous, 1968-1975
Box 16
               in the United States: publications, 1968-1973
          Donor Letters, 1975
          Educational Testing Service: miscellaneous, 1969-1970
          Educational Testing Service: study/survey, 1973
          External scholarship information, 1963-1971
          Fellowship: recipient biographical information, 1960-1964
          Fellowship: reports and lists, 1970-1975
          Graduate Center, 1964-1967
          Graduate Record Examination (GRE) survey of departmental practices in program review and
               faculty evaluations, 1976
          Graduate School study commission, 1977-1991 [2 folders]
          Letters to PhD students, 1979
          Massachusetts Graduate Deans Group, 1970
          Minority recruiting, 1975-1976
          Minority students, 1981-1988
          Named awards, 1983-1984
          National Academy of Sciences, 1960-1972
          National Research Council, 1968-1974
          National Strike Information Center, 1970
          National Student Strike Center and Bank Robbery, 1970
          Reactions to student strike from President, 1970-1972
          Student Strike, 1970
          New England Board of Higher Education, 1961
          Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools (NAGS), 1973-1977
          NSF and NIH survey of graduate science and postdoctoral students, 1972-1981
          Personnel: Miscellaneous, 1966-1971
          Petition: Black seizure, n.d.
          Seizure of Ford Hall, 1968-1970
          PhD placement survey, 1973-1978
          Phi Beta Kappa student list, 1961-1971
          Placement of doctorates, 1987-1990
          Public affairs, 1958-1970 [2 folders]
               People at Brandeis, 1970
               President's newsletter, 1970-1971
               Notes (from the office of the President), 1970-1971
               flyers, 1953-1965 [12 folders]
               1965-1966 flyers correspondence, 1964-1965
               flyers, 1965-1966
               1966-1967 flyers correspondence, 1965-1966
               flyers, 1966-1968 [2 folders]
               1968-1969 flyers correspondence, 1967-1968
               1969-1970 flyers correspondence, 1968
               flyers, 1969-1970
               1970-1971 flyers correspondence, 1969
Box 17
          Re-accreditation report, 1986-1987
          Science Council: Miscellaneous, 1961-1969
          Security, 1970-1975
          Status of Women, 1971
          Student placement information, 1961-1964
          Student senate: Brandeis retreat, 1974
          Study abroad opportunities, 1964
          Tax Exempt Status, n.d.
          Teaching assistants
               cost breakdown, 1960-1961
               financial/cost breakdown, 1963-1966
               job descriptions, 1960-1961
               miscellaneous, 1966-1977
               reports, 1961-1965
          1996-1997 Viewbook, 1996
          (Brandeis) website text, 1996

Student Services
Box 17
          Buildings and grounds, 1959-1973
          Career planning, 1963-1972
          Computer center, 1968-1971
          English as a second language: miscellaneous, 1992-1995
          Foreign students, 1958-1979
          Health care and health insurance progress report, 1992
          Health insurance
               correspondence, 1968-1980
               miscellaneous, 1958-1968
               miscellaneous, 1974-1993
          Health services
               advisory committee, 1970-1973
               Blue Cross, 1966-1975
               publications, 1958-1967
               publications, 1974-1981
               historical material, 1971-1973
               miscellaneous, 1959-1971
               Ridgewood, 1963-1965
               student union building, 1969
               correspondence, 1957-1965
               correspondence, 1966-1981
               French, 1967-1968
               German, 1967-1968
               Italian, 1968
               Spanish, 1967-1968
          Language examinations: general, 1962-1971
          Language requirements, 1970-1971
          Language tutorials and examinations, 1965-1971 [4 folders]
          Language tutorials and examinations: miscellaneous, 1968-1979
          Parking: miscellaneous, 1958-1969
          Parking rules, 1969-1971
          Proposed graduate housing, 1960-1969
Box 18
          Rabb building, 1958-1975
          Resident counselor, 1959-1976
          Special students, 1970-1971
          University council, 1968-1969

Box 18
          Bibliophiles, 1971-1974
          Budget, 1969-1973 [3 folders]
          Building committee, 1968-1971 [3 folders]
          Building conditions information, 1971-1972
          Committee members, 1970-1971
          Consortium, 1971-1973
               with Dean Black (controversial issues), 1971-1972
               with B. Levinson, (sponsored research coordinator), 1967-1969 [2 folders]
          Faculty library committee meeting minutes, 1970-1974
          Holdings statistics, 1971-1978 [6 folders]
          Listening center, 1972-1974
          Microforms/dissertations, 1960-1976
          Miscellaneous, 1959-1973 [6 folders]
Box 19
          Operation report and budget statistics, 1971-1972
          Personnel, 1971-1974
          Report of the combined student library committee, 1970
          Search committee, 1969
          Security, 1971-1972
          Special Collections, 1967-1972
          Supplies publications, 1970-1971
          Women's Committee, 1970-1972

Box 19
          Commencement: miscellaneous, 1960-1965
          Commencement committee, 1959-1967
          Commencement: student lists, 1954-1969
          Commencement: program, 1954
          Commencement: program, 1955
          Commencement, 1956
          Commencement, 1957
          Commencement: program, 1958
          Commencement: program, 1959
          Commencement, 1960
          Commencement, 1961
          Commencement, 1962
          Commencement: program, 1962
          Commencement, 1963
          Commencement: degrees, 1963
          Commencement: program, 1963
          Commencement, 1964
          Commencement: degrees, 1964
          Commencement: program, 1964
          Commencement, 1965
          Commencement: degrees, 1965
          Commencement: program, 1965
          Commencement, 1966
          Commencement: degrees, 1966
          Commencement: PhD dinner, 1966
          Commencement: program, 1966
          Commencement, 1967
          Commencement: degrees, 1967
          Commencement: program, 1967
          Commencement, 1968
          Commencement: degrees, 1968
          Commencement: program, 1968
          Commencement, 1969
          Commencement: degrees, 1969
          Commencement: program, 1969
          Commencement, 1970
          Commencement: degrees, 1970
          Commencement: program, 1970
          Commencement, 1971
          Commencement: program, 1971
          Commencement, 1972
          Commencement: program, 1972
          Commencement, 1973
          Commencement: degrees, 1973
          Commencement: program, 1973
          Commencement, 1974
          Commencement: degrees, 1974
          Commencement: honorees, 1974
          Commencement: miscellaneous, 1974
          Commencement: program, 1974
Box 20
          Commencement, 1975
          Commencement: program, 1975
          Commencement: honorees, 1975
          Commencement: miscellaneous, 1975
          Commencement, 1976
          Commencement: degrees, 1976
          Commencement: program, 1976
          Commencement, 1977
          Commencement: degrees, 1977
          Commencement: program, 1977
          Commencement, 1978
          Commencement: degrees, 1978
          Commencement: program, 1978
          Commencement, 1979
          Commencement: degrees, 1979
          Commencement, 1980
          Commencement: degrees, 1980
          Commencement: program, 1980
          Commencement, 1981
          Commencement: degrees, 1981
          Commencement: program, 1981
          Commencement, 1982
          Commencement: degrees, 1982
          Commencement: program, 1982
          Commencement, 1983
          Commencement: degrees, 1983
          Commencement: program, 1983
          Commencement, 1984
          Commencement: program, 1984
          Commencement, 1985
          Commencement: program, 1985
          Commencement, 1986
          Commencement: degrees, 1986
          Commencement: program, 1986
          Commencement, 1987
          Commencement: degrees, 1987
          Commencement: program, 1987
          Commencement, 1988
          Commencement: degrees, 1988
          Commencement: program, 1988
          Commencement, 1989
          Commencement: degrees, 1989
          Commencement: program, 1989
          Commencement, 1990
          Commencement: degrees, 1990
          Commencement: program, 1990

General Reports
Box 21
     Committee Reports
          Academic Planning Committee, 1985-1986
          Anthropology Visiting Committee, 1981
          American Studies: History, self-assessment and plans, 1986
          Biochemistry Visiting Committee, 1987-1988
          Biology Visiting Committee, 1981-1982
          Chemistry Advisory Committee, 1984
          Economics Advisory Committee, 1982
          Fine Arts: Dossier of materials renewal (Susan Lichtman and Peter Markman), 1982
          Fine Arts Visiting Committee, 1987-1988
          History: Materials for Visiting Committee, Spring 1986
          Mathematics Advisory Committee, 1982
          Mathematics: Report to the Visiting Committee, 1978
          Music Advisory Committee, 1983-1984
          Philosophy and History of Ideas: Advisory Committee Visit, 1984-1985
          Physics Visiting Committee, April 1981
          Psychology Department Visiting Committee, 1984
          Romance and Comparative Literature: Report to the Visiting Committee, October 1978
          Sociology Advisory Committee, December 1982
          Theater Arts: Report for the Visiting Committee, 1984-1985
Box 22
          Masters and PhD programs (publications), ca. 1996
               American History
               European History
               Computer Science
               Genetic Counseling
               Interdisciplinary Program in Literary Studies
               Jewish Communal Service
               Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
               Premedical Program
               Studio Arts
               Sustainable International Development
               Theatre Arts
               Women's Studies
          Reports to the President, 1977-1991 [4 folders]

Audio Visual Materials
          "GSASFYI News" (4 CDs), 1998-2007
          Graduate Journal (1 CD), 2004
          General education 18E-2: problems of communication, n.d.
          History of Science 1-A-1 De Magnete, n.d.
          Hum 5 Se 1-A-1 Oresteria, n.d.
          Math 12C-1, n.d.
          Orwell 1984, n.d.

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