Office of Human Resources

Records, 1968-2007, n.d.

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The Office of Human Resources deals with staff issues, including benefits, staff regulations, and social events. Notable events in the department's history include the 1982 strike of the hotel, restaurant, institutional employees and bartenders union. The office of employee relations produces four publications, "Current Job Opportunities," "Person to Person," "People at Brandeis," and "In House."

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Scope and Contents
Files in this series were created from 1968 through 2006. Materials include memos, fliers, handbooks, newsletters, and photographs. General announcements from the office of employee relation to the Brandeis community are also included. Subjects include staff benefits, particularly health benefits; staff regulations; social events on campus and tickets sales for events in the Boston area. They also include labor disputes and agreements with the library union, the cooks & pastry cooks union, and the hotel, restaurant, institutional employees and bartenders union. This series also includes incomplete runs of four publications produced by the office of employee relations.

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Notices and Reports (box 1)
Publications (boxes 2-4)

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Series Summary
Notices and Reports
Inclusive Dates: 1968-2006, n.d.
Arrangement: Organized under subseries then chronological
This series contains files on the hotel, restaurant, institutional
employees and bartenders union strike at Brandeis in 1982, contract
agreements concerning the cooks and pastry cooks union and the library
union and the university, and employee benefits. This series also
contains orientation packets; announcements to Brandeis staff concerning
social events, programs, regulations, and benefits from the office of
employee relations; general memoranda; and employee handbooks from 1968,
1972, 1974, 1987, 1989, and 2001. Additional handbooks are in the
University Publications Collection. Additional files on the library
union are in the University Libraries Collection.

Inclusive Dates: 1970-2003
Arrangement: Organized under subseries then chronological
This series contains incomplete runs of "Current Job Opportunities"
which posts official announcements of job openings (1985, 1987-1997,
2002), "Person to Person" a newsletter which announced personnel
policies and activities (1987-1996), "People at Brandeis" a newsletter
concerning staff news (1970-1971), "In House" announced staff news and
campus activities (1978, 1980-1983), and PEAK (2002).

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Folder List
Notices and Reports
Box 1
     Labor Agreements
          Cooks and Pastry Cooks Association, Local 186 AFL-CIO, 1974-1976
          Library Exempt Employees, 1984-1986 [2 folders]
          Library Non-Exempt Employees, 1984-1986
          Library Exempt Employees, Local 925 SEIU AFL-CIO, 1986-1989
          Boston Hotel Workers Union, Local 26, 1998
          Benefits & services--faculty, administrative, professional staff, 1977
          Multi-group health plan, 1981
          Tuition remission benefits, 1985-1992
          Your Group Insurance Plan, 1986
          Your Group Insurance Plan, Dental Plan, 1987
          Prudential Insurance Company, 1987
          Summary of Benefits, Annual Reports, 1987-1998
          Family and Medical Leave Policy, 1993, 1995 [2 folders]
          Benefits--announcements, 1997-1998 [2 folders]
          Benefits report, 2004
     Staff Handbook
          Benefits Bulletin and Employee Handbook, 1968-1972
          Employee's Handbook, 1968
          Personnel Policies Benefits and Services--Non Exempt, 1972
          Training and Development, Administrative Systems Notebook, 1980, 1985 [2 folders]
          Staff handbook, 1987, 1989, 1993, 2001 [4 folders]
Box 2
          Personnel Policies, Benefits, and Services--Administrative and Professional Exempt, n.d.
          Your Blue Cross and Blue Shield Benefits and How to Use Them, n.d.
          Affirmative Action Grievance Procedures, 1990
     Announcements and Memos
          Memos, 1971-1973
          Memos, Announcements, 1980s
          Strike--Hotel, restaurant, institutional employees and bartenders union, 1982
          Orientation information for Brandeis staff member, 1985
          Memos, Announcements, Fliers, 1990-2007 [15 folders]
          Vacation schedule, 1995
          Benefits and Services for Faculty and Exempt Staff, draft, 1995
          Employee Recognition Awards, 1998, 2005, 2007
          Policy and Procedures Manual, 2004
          Staff and Faculty Appreciation Celebration, 2004, 2007

Box 3
          "Current Job Opportunities," 1985-1997 [23 folders]
Box 4
          "Current Job Opportunities," 1998-2003 [6 folders]
          "Person to Person," 1987-1996 [9 folders]
          "People at Brandeis," 1970-1971 [2 folders]
          "In House," 1978-1983
          "PEAK"--Newsletter, 2002

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