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Records, 1946-2003, n.d.

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The Office of Development is responsible for general fundraising for the University and works closely with the Office of Alumni Relations. The Office of Development is overseen by the Senior Vice-President for Development and Alumni Relations who reports directly to the President of the University. The functions of the office of Development are indicated by its various divisions: annual fund, corporations/foundations, planned & major gifts, presidential gifts/stewardship, development communications, special events, and research.

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Scope and Contents
Files in this collection were created from 1946 through 2005. Materials include reports, memos, fundraising publications, invitations, event programs, news clippings, and videos. Subjects covered by the files include fundraising plans and specific campaigns, background information on the University, Brandeis clubs, special fundraising and ceremonial events, and news clippings about the University.

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Administration (box 1)
History & Overview of Brandeis (box 2)
Publications (boxes 3-4)
Brandeis Associates (box 5)
Brandeis Clubs (box 6)
Events (box 7)
Convocations, Dedications, Groundbreakings (box 8)
News Clippings (box 9)
Videos (box 9)

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Series Summary
Inclusive dates: 1950-2003, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains memos and reports relating to the internal
operations of the development office.

History & Overview of Brandeis
Inclusive dates: 1966-1999, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains profiles of Brandeis University and various reports
about the University.

Inclusive dates: 1948-2003, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains publications about various fundraising campaigns.

Brandeis Associates [R]
Inclusive dates: 1946-1998, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains information from the early years of the Brandeis
Associates and includes papers from Bernard Goldfinkle, a U.S. Army
Colonel who was an early Brandeis Associate and served as a Marshall's
Aide at several graduations.

Brandeis Clubs
Inclusive dates: 1958-1978, n.d.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains information on various Brandeis Clubs, largely
invitations to and programs for fundraising events.

Inclusive dates: 1951-1999, 2005
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains invitations to and programs of fundraising and
honoring events, including Founder's Day. Additional information on the
first Founder's Day in 1986 is in the Office of the President Collection
under the Special Events series.

Convocations, Dedications, Groundbreakings
Inclusive dates: 1949-2002, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains programs from convocations, dedications, and

News Clippings
Inclusive dates: 1948-1997, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains news clippings about Brandeis University.

Inclusive dates: 1992, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
Includes tapes from two Brandeis events and a tape about former Trustee
Nathan Ancell, founder of Ethan Allen.

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Folder List
Box 1
          "Brandeis University announces ten-year campus expansion" program, 1950
          "Ida E. and Joseph S. Butman Scholarship Fund," 1954-1956 [R]
          "Eli D. and Mollie L. Goodstein Endowment Fund," 1955-1966 [R]
          "The Brandeis Centennial Fund" policy and plan, ca. 1956
          "Samuel Salny Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund," 1956 [R]
          "Louis D. Brandeis Honorary Scholarships," 1957-1977 [R]
          "Kappa Eta Sigma Award," 1962 [R]
          Christian A. Herter endowed chair, 1965
          Prizes and awards not given out, 1966 [R]
          "Bessie Blum Award," 1967 [R]
          "Text of Address delivered in abbreviated form at Special Meeting of Faculty, Friday,
               September 29, 1967," 1967
          "The Brandeis University Vicennial Fund" ca. 1968
          "Dr. Ralph Berenberg Memorial Prize," 1968-1981 [R]
          "The Dr. Michael A. Bokat Memorial Scholarship," 1969 [R]
          "Henrietta and David Chassler Prize," 1969 [R]
          Sales kit book, 1970
          [Donor list], 1970 [R]
          Fundraising letters, 1971
          A covenant with the generations: a fundraising program for 1974-79, 1974
          "LADO Inc." 1975 [R]
          "David A. Greene Memorial Fund," 1977-1981 [R]
          "Gertrude Carnovsky Prize in Creative Arts," 1978 [R]
          "Gordon Chase Memorial Award," 1980-1981 [R]
          "The Mitchell Siporin Memorial Prize of the Doris Brewer Cohen Endowment Fund," 1979 [R]
          "Paul Caine Memorial Fund," 1979, 1981 [R]
          Endowment, 1981
          Trustee update, 1981
          "Harold and Harriet Toor Endowed Fund for Law and Government," 1982 [R]
          Lew Wasserman--background, gift, 1982-1985 [R]
          Office of corporate and foundation relations, 1982
          Appointments/ Hirings, 1982-1990
          Memos, 1983
          "Nathan O. Kaplan Scholarship Fund," 1983 [R]
          "A campaign for Brandeis," April 19, 1984
          Executive search, 1984
          Capital campaign steering committee, 1984-1985
          Athletic facilities campaign--summary of meeting, 1985
          Capital campaign steering committee, 1985
          Memo--addendum to 1984/85 inner family directory, 1985
          Special events; cash reports, 1987
          Special events; summary of cash reports, 1987
          "Thoughts on the Present Crisis," September, 1990 [R]
          Memo--closing the capital campaign, 1991
          Faculty and fundraising, 1995
          Development update to faculty, 1995, 1997
          Memo--staff change, 1995
          Endowment - Jacquelyn Foster Endowment for Vocal Instruction, Biographical Info., 1998
          Memos--fundraising, 1998
          Fundraising--Reports to Faculty, 1999
          Activities and Planning--Reports to Faculty, 2000
          Memos, 2001
          Fundraising--Reports to Faculty, 2003
          Gift of more than $2.5 million to endow two chairs in Near Eastern and Judaic studies, n.d.

History and Overview of Brandeis
Box 2
          The report in partial fulfillment of requirements for re-evaluation of Brandeis University,
          "Malcolm X Bulletin," 1969
          1950 report of Council of Jewish Federations excerpts from Ford Foundation, 1969
          "A Profile of Brandeis University," 1948-1972 [2 folders]
          "Barron's Profile," 1975
          "All about Brandeis," 1983
          "Directory of Research; School of Science," 1986
          Annual reports,  1986-1987
          "Brandeis at a Glance," 1993
          "50 Facts about Brandeis at 50," 1998
          Plaques by Donor, 1999
          Arthur Reis--material, n.d.
          Campus maps, n.d.

Box 3
          "Brandeis University in Partnership with the Jewish Community," n.d.
          "Brandeis University," ca. 1948
          "Brandeis University and its Service to the Jewish Community," 1996
          Brandeis engagement calendar, 1951
          The Brandeis Centennial, 1956
          "Brandeis University 1948-1958," 1958
          Miscellaneous publications, 1960-1969
          Annual giving program, 1960-1969
          Foster alumni, 1960-1969
          "New Science Facilities at Brandeis," 1960-1969
          "The Province of the University", 1960-1969
          "Brandeis University Salutes...," 1960
          "From Newness to Greatness, 1961-1962
          "Academic Chairs: What patron creates a seat of learning," 1965
          "Facts about Brandeis University," 1965-1967
          Annual giving brochure, 1967
          "A New World for International Scholarship: Sachar tribute fund," ca. 1968
          "Sachar Tribute Fund at Brandeis University," ca. 1968
          The University and the New Revolution," 1969
          General publications, 1970-1979
          Publications, 1970-1979
          [A covenant with the generations], 1970-1979
          "Herbert R. Gibson Sr. Scholarship and Fellowship," 1970
          "A University with a Difference," 1970
Box 4
          "Notes," 1970-1971
          "Brandeis '25: a Pictorial at a Glance," 1971
          Brandeis '25, 1971
          "Middlesex Alumni Newsletter," February 1972
          Mayer chair on fine arts, 1972
          "Was he sitting in your chair?," 1972
          Malcolm L. Sherman--scholarship and fellowship, 1972
          Dwight Yellen & Charles Levy, Jr.--scholarship and fellowship, 1972
          Oscar Oystel & George Epstein--scholarship and fellowship, 1973
          Jay Phillips--scholarship and fellowship, 1973
          "Brandeis," 1974
          "A Covenant with the Generations--Fall Conference," 1974
          "Once in a Quarter Century," 1974
          Zayle Lipshy--endowed scholarship and fellowship fund, 1974
          Wm. Campbell & Ivan S. Ludington Sr.--scholarship and fellowship, 1974
          Christopher W. Carriuolo--scholarship & fellowship, 1975
          "Deferred Giving: Your Options," 1976
          John T. Magliocco scholarship and fellowship fund, 1977
          "The Brandeis Parents Primer," 1977
          "Foundation Notes," 1978, 1979-1980 [2 folders]
          "The State of the University: 1979-1980"
          Miscellaneous publications, 1980-1989
          "Your Bequest to Brandeis: a perpetual memorial," ca. 1985
          "Brandeis Update," 1980-1989
          "The Brandeis Parents Primer," 1980
          "Brandeis University," 1983, 1984 [2 folders]
          "Fulfilling the Promise--Campaign for Brandeis," 1986
          "Campaign for Brandeis," 1987
          "Symbol of Jewish pride and excellence," 1987
          "The Brandeis Brief", 1987, 1991
          Justice Brandeis Society, 1986-1987
          "Campaign for Brandeis--Update," 1987-1990
          "JBS: Justice Brandeis Society: 1988-89 Honor Roll," 1989
          "The investment opportunity for a lifetime," 1990
          "Your living legacy," 1990
          "Report on giving 1990-1991"
          "Essential elements," 1992
          The Brandeis Legacy Circle, 1993
          "Fundraising brochure," 1993
          Update, 1993-1994
          Founders day, 1993
          Legacy circle, 1993, 1994 [2 folders]
          Founders' day, 1994
          1948 Society, 1998
          Fundraising, 1998
          Brandeis Developments, 2002
          "The Campaign for Brandeis--Creating Connections", 2003
Box 5
          The Joseph M. Proskauer chair, n.d.
          Louis Stulberg chair in law and politics, n.d.
          Martin Fisher school of physics, n.d.
          Building plans of Friedland science building, n.d.
          Scholarship & fellowship, n.d.
          "Within Your Lifetime", n.d.
          Misc., n.d.
          "Without a Yet", n.d.
          Jack Musick--scholarship & fellowship, n.d.
          Raymond Revit--scholarship & fellowship fund, n.d.
          "The Creative Arts Center", n.d.

Brandeis Associates
Box 5
          New England, 1946-1952
          First annual membership dinner, 1949
          Bernard Goldfinkle, 1949-1967
          Bernard Goldfinkle marketing material, 1949-1952
          Bernard Goldfinkle papers, 1949-1965
          Milton Wolf Life Member card, ca. 1950
          Publications, 1951
          Membership dinner, 3rd annual invitation, 1951
          Constitution, 1952
          Membership applications book 968A, n.d.
          Alan S. Axelrod Correspondence, 1962, 1966, 1998

Brandeis Clubs
Box 6
          Misc., 1958-1959
          Atlanta, 1971
          Berkshire County, 1970
          Greater Boston Brandeis club, 1963-1973
          Greater Boston Brandeis club annual dinner, 1958-1972
          Greater Boston annual outings, 1958-1969
          Greater Boston club membership breakfasts, 1968-1974
          Greater Boston club spring dance, 1963-1971
          Capital district: annual associates dinner: invitation, 1965
          Chicago, 1963-1973
          Chicago club--2500 club, n.d.
          Cleveland, 1959-1974
          Cleveland committee, dinner invitation, 1951
          Dade county, 1971
          Dallas, 1969
          Fairfield county, 1969
          Houston, 1973
          Miami, 1972
          Middlesex chapter of BU clubs, n.d.
          N.Y., 1959-1982
          Palm Beach, 1969-1978
          Philadelphia, 1968-1973
          Pittsburgh, 1968-1973
          Rhode Island club, 1968
          St. Louis, 1968
          San Antonio, 1973
          San Francisco, 1971
          Tampa, 1972
          Washington DC, 1963-1973
          Worcester, 1972

Box 7
          Honoring events invitations, 1956-1976, 2005
          Dinner honoring George Alpert, 1951
          Honoring events, 1960-1963 [3 folders]
          Business and industry day, 1963
          Food industry [reception], 1963
          Honoring events, 1965
          Friends of Brandeis: invitation to dinner, 1965
          Honoring events, 1966
          Dinner for the associates--invitation, 1966
          Honoring events, 1967-1980 [13 folders]
          Receptions, 1981
          Sherman endowment for the performing arts dinner, 1986
          Employee recognition awards dinner, 1994
          Invitation--Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner and  Benny Friedman Tribute, 1998
          Events, 1999

Convocations, Dedications, Groundbreakings
Box 8
          Dedication-Shapiro athletic center, 1949-1952
          1st convocation, 1949
          2nd annual convocation, 1950
          3rd annual convocation, 1951
          Dedication--Ulman amphitheatre, 1952
          Dedication day, 1953
          Groundbreaking--Hayden science building, 1954
          Dedication-live and let live delivered by Harlan, John M., 1955
          The Harry S. Truman Chair in American Civilization, 1957-1960
          Wien international scholarship program (inaugural), 1958
          Dedication--Louis H. Salvage wing-Frieland science center, 1959
          Dedication--George & Beatrice Sherman student center, 1959
          Dedication--Morris & Fanny Berkowitz laboratories, Berkowitz lab, Frauworth lab, Weinstein
               lab, 1959
          Dedication--Goldfarb library, 1959
          Convocation honoring Ben-Gurion, 1960
          Dedication--an address by Pierre Mendes France to North Shore Brandeis University club, 1960
          Dedication--Golding Judaic center, 1960
          Adlai E. Stevenson Chair in International Politics, 1965-1977
          Dedication--Philip Lown school for Judaic studies, 1972
          Dedication--Epstein campus service centre, 1972
          Convocation--25th anniversary convocation, 1973
          Dedication--Rosensteil basic medical sciences, 1973
          Dedication--Sachar international center, 1973
          Dedication--Addison-Golde lower level--Goldfarb library Addison--Golde plaza Sachar
               international center, 1974
          Convocation--Ephrain Katzir, Pres. of Israel, 1975
          Dedication--Henry & Hannah Hofheimer collection, 1976
          Groundbreaking--Farber library, 1981
          Dedication--Askton Graybiel spatial orientation lab, 1982
          Dedication--Farber library, 1983
          Founders' Day, 1986
          Dedication--Shapiro Campus Center, 2002
          Dedication--Schwartz building, n.d.

News Clippings
Box 9
          "To be a good Zionist is to be a better American" The Jewish Advocate, 1948
           Newspaper clippings, 1948-1991
           Newspaper articles about Brandeis, 1950
          "Brandeis University adopts 10-year building program" The Jewish Weekly Times, 1950
          "Brandeis University" Mademoiselle, 1955
          "Bye, bye, blackboard" The Boston Herald, 1957
          "Brandeis: a miracle in education", ca. 1958
          "Lesson in growth" New Englander, 1959
          "Brandeis blueprint: small college, large in ideas" by Woody Klein, 1959
          "Brandeis University . . . A panorama of faith" The Jewish Advocate, 1959
          "Brandeis plans future minus football", in Boston Daily Record 1960
          "Brandeis' art value passes $2 million" in Boston Herald, 1962
          "Brandeis: a young university in a hurry" Saturday Review, 1962
          "A new manner at Brandeis," 1962
          "Brandeis University" The Christian Science Monitor, 1962
          Newspaper articles; The Harvard Crimson, The Justice, 1966
          "After head-long growth, some austerity," ca. 1975
          "The Brandeis formula" Telegram, Worcester, 1970
          "Bitterness at Brandeis" Newsweek, 1970
          "Lemberg kindergarten opens registration," 1972
          "Brandeis marks 25th year" Sunday Herald Traveler, 1972
          "Brandeis at 25" in the Boston Globe, 1973
          "Quality opportunity at Brandeis," 1977
          "Former teacher leaves Brandeis $1 million" Brandeis Univ. Bulletin, 1978
          "30th birthday for Brandeis" "Brandeis turns an honorable 30 this week," 1978
          "Jewish historical society will celebrate decade at Brandeis" The Jewish Advocate, 1978
          "Brandeis to get new center" Boston Globe, 1981
          "Brandeis program attempts to keep minorities in college," 1990
          "Breaking out of the herd" about sculptor Robert Berks, 1991
          "Short history, high standing" Boston Globe, 1997
          "Brandeis library escapes losing its accreditation," n.d.

Box 9
          Brandeis Day:  The University's Alumni Come of Age, 1992
          Leading Brandeis to a New Millenium:  The Inauguration of Samuel O. Thier, 1992
          Nathan Ancell, former trustee and founder of Ethan Allen--Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,

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Additional files on the history of Brandeis are in the University History Collection. Additional press clippings are in the Office of Communications: Department of Media Relations Records.