Dean of Arts and Sciences

Records, 1951-2006, n.d.

6.66 cu. ft. (6 record center boxes, 2 document boxes)

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The Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences is in charge of both the Undergraduate and Graduate Schools of Arts and Sciences. The Undergraduate School is one of the University's principal components and offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences was established in 1953. A Graduate Council, of which the Dean of Arts and Sciences is the chair, is in charge of its affairs such as academic programs and planning, degree requirements, and general regulations. The Graduate School offers the following degrees: Master of Arts, Master of Sciences, Master of Fine Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy.

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Scope and Contents
Files in this collection were created from 1951 through 2006. Materials include memos on academic and administrative functions, commencement preparations and programs, meeting minutes, announcements of events, and statistical material concerning students--particularly enrollment. The collection also includes course proposals and approvals and a variety of reports concerning management, academic, and strategic planning.

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Administration (boxes 1-7)
Graduate School (box 7)
Undergraduate School (boxes 7-8)

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Series Summary
Inclusive Dates: 1974-2006, n.d.
Arrangement:Alphabetical, except Commencement Files and Reports, which
are in chronological order
This series contains general administrative files concerning the Faculty
of Arts and Sciences. The material includes administrative memos,
commencement files, course approvals, reports, and announcements on
various issues such as management and strategic planning within Brandeis
University. This series also has course approvals which are a
combination of  material from a library collection and the Dean's
Office. When material in the files comes from the library collection
only, it has been indicated. Meeting minutes of the University
Curriculum Committee are also included in this series.

Graduate School
Inclusive Dates: 1955-1998, n.d.
Arrangement: Alphabetical, except Council Minutes, which are in
chronological order
This series contains memos, meeting minutes, announcements, and reports
concerning the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The material
includes administrative files, files on academic programs, and Graduate
School Council minutes.

Undergraduate School [R]
Inclusive Dates: 1951-2001, 2005
Arrangement: Alphabetical
This series contains a variety of files concerning the Undergraduate
School of Arts and Sciences. The material includes statistical
information on student enrollment and degrees, students activities,
faculty minutes on degrees, and newsletters.

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Folder List
Box 1
     General files
          Academic Support Services, 1988-1990
          Beginning and End of Semester, 1990-1995
          Courses and Programs, 1990-1994
          Educational Policy Committee, 1991-1994 [3 folders]
          Faculty, 1990-1994
          Faculty--New, 2003-2005
          Faculty Meeting Presentation, 2004
          Faculty--Retirements, 2000-2001
          Faculty Review Committee for Arts and Science Strategic Plan, 2004
          Laurie Foundation Faculty-Student Exchange, 2004
          Lectures and Events, 1990-2004 [8 folders]
          Lectures and Events--Committee for the Support of Teaching, 1998, 2005
          Lectures and Events--Festival of the Arts, 1998-2001 [4 folders]
          Memos, 1997-2006 [7 folders]
          Midterm Assessment, 1997
          Publications, 1990
          Reaccreditation, 1996-1997
          Staffing Changes, 1988-1999
          University Curriculum Committee, 1993-2006 [10 folders]
          Remarks by President Bernstein, 1979
          Convocation, 1982-1991 [5 folders]
          Commencement Greeting, 1986-1991
          Academic Affairs--Commencement Policy Survey, 1983
          Commencement, 1983-1991 [9 folders]
Box 1a
          Commencement, 1992-1995 [6 folders]
          Commencement, 1994--Alumni Spring Reunion, 1994
          Commencement, 1994--Graduate School Mini-Commencement, 1994
          Commencement, 1995--O'Brien, Conor Cruise, 1994-1995
          Consilience Program seminars, 2000-2005
Box 2
     Course Approvals
          African and Afro-American Studies, 1991-2005 [2 folders]
          American Studies, 1988-2005 [3 folders]
          Anthropology, 1988-2005 [3 folders]
          Biochemistry, 1990-2005
          Biology, 1989-2005 [3 folders]
          Business, 2003-2004
          Chemistry, 1989-2005
          Chinese, 2002
          Classical Studies, 1988-2004
          Coexistence, 2004
          Computer Science, 1989-2004
          East Asian Studies, 2001-2004
          Economics, 1991-2005 [2 folders]
          Education, 1993-2003
          English, 1987-1995 [2 folders]
Box 3
          English, 1996-2005 [4 folders]
          Environmental Studies, 2005
          Film, 1994
          Fine Arts, 1988-2005 [2 folders]
          French, 1991
          German, Russian, and East Asian Languages and Literature, 1990-2005
          Heller School, 1993-2002, 2005
          History, 1988-2003, 2005 [6 folders]
          History of Ideas, 1996-2002
          Hornstein Program in Jewish Communal Service, 1998-1999
          Humanities, 1991-1999 [Library collection only]
          Humanities Interdisciplinary Program, 1993-1996
          International Business School, 1991-2005 [5 folders]
Box 4
          Japanese, 1994
          Journalism, 1994-1996 [Library collection only]
          Journalism, 1999
          Legal Studies, 1992-1998
          Mathematics, 1989-2005
          Music, 1989-2003 [2 folders]
          Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, 1989-2005 [9 folders]
          Neuroscience Program, 1999, 2002
          Peace and Conflict Studies Program, 1999-2001
          Philosophy, 1988-2005 [2 folders]
          Physics, 1989-1998
          Politics, 1989-2005 [4 folders]
Box 5
          Psychology, 1988-2005 [2 folders]
          Religion, 2000-2001
          Romance and Comparative Literature, 1987-2005 [3 folders]
          Russian and European Cultural Studies, 2001-2003
          Sociology, 1989-2006 [4 folders]
          Spanish, 2005
          Theater Arts, 1993-2006 [2 folders]
          University Seminars (USEM), 1993-2005 [5 folders]
          Women's Studies, 1992-2003
          New Course Log Summary, 1991-1998 [4 folders]
Box 6
          "Doctoral Degrees Conferred and Dissertation Titles: 1957 -1974, ca. 1974
          "Long Range Planning (Academy)," 1976 [2 folders]
          "Academic Tenure in America: A Review of Policies and Practices
               Part One," 1978
               Part Two," n.d.
               Part Three A Brandeis Perspective," 1979
          "Library Space Committee Report," 1978, 1979 [2 folders]
          "The State of the University 1979-1980: An Informal Report From the President," 1980
          "An Earnest Effort: Three Years of College Aid to Boston Schools," 1981
          "Report by the Special Committee on Undergraduate Enrollment," n.d.
          "Institutional and Academic Strategic Planning," 1985
          "Preliminary Report of the Undergraduate Subcommittee," 1985
          "A Report to Brandeis University: Executive Summary and Recommendations," 1985
          "The Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Academic and Financial Implications of the Strategic Plan-
               James R. Lackner, Provost," 1986-1987 [2 folders]
          "Brandeis University--Reaccreditation Self-Study Report," 1986 [2 folders]
          "Vital Issues for Effective Academic Administration," 1986
          "Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Academic and Financial Implications of the Strategic Plan--
               Final Report," 1987
          "New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.-- Commission on Institutions of Higher
               Education," 1987
          "Brandeis Graduate School of Management--Feasibility Study," 1987 [3 folders]
Box 7
          "Brandeis Graduate School of Management--Feasibility Study," 1987
          "Presidential Retreat--Academic Planning Materials--James Lackner, Office of the Provost,"
               1987 [2 folders]
          "Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Options for a Management Program at Brandeis," 1988
          "Diversity at Brandeis: Recommendations for Improving the Academic and Social Life of
               Students of Color," 1988
          "Brandeis at the Crossroads: Decisions for the Future," 1988
          "Report of the Strategic Planning Committee--Confidential Draft," 1989 [R]
          "Brandeis University National Women's Committee-- President's Report on the National
               Administration 1986-1989," 1989
          "Report of the Strategic Planning Committee," 1989
          "The Lemberg Program in International Economics and Finance--Director's Report 1988-1989," 1989
          "Blueprint for Renewal: A Strategic Plan for Restructuring and Enhancement 1992-1997," 1990
          "The Relationship between Interdisciplinary Programs and Departments--Report of the Ad Hoc
               Committee August 2003," 2003

Graduate School
Box 7
     Administrative Files
          Fellowships, 1972-1977
          Foreign Students, 1959-1960
          General Information, 1980
          General Information on Graduate School, n.d.
          General Information/ Publicity, 1997
          Graduate Student Information, 1960-1964 [5 folders]
          Guide to Admission, 1996-1999
          Lectures, 1974-1991
          Master Degree Information, 1961
          Memos, 1975
          Mentoring Award, 2004
          Preparing Doctoral Dissertations, 1973
          Teaching Assistant Report 1961-1962, 1963-1964 [2 folders]
          Year End Report 1975-1976, 1976-1977 [2 folders]
     Academic Programs
          American Civilization, 1972-1981
          Anthropology, 1960-1963
          Basic Medical Sciences, Proposal for Program in, 1962-1963
          Biology, 1961
          Chemistry, 1961-1963
          Comparative History, n.d.
          Economics, Proposal for Program in, 1960
          English and American Literature, 1960-1961
          History, Proposal for Program in, 1963
          History of Ideas, 1956-1963
          Mathematics, 1961
          Mediterranean Studies, 1960-1961
          Modern European Literatures, Comparative Literature, and Classics, 1974-1978
          Music, 1960-1961
          Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, 1960-1963
          Philosophy, Proposal for Program in, ca. 1963
          Physics, 1961
          Politics, 1973-1981
          Psychology, 1961
          Sociology, Proposal for Program in, 1960
          Sociology, 1961-1963
          Teaching, Proposal for Program in, 1955
          Teaching, Proposal for Brandeis-Newton Program in, 1963
          Theater Arts, Proposal for Program in, n.d.
     Council Minutes
          Graduate School Council Minutes, 1958-1978 [12 folders]

Undergraduate School [R]
Box 7
     General Files
          Advising Task Force, 1993
          Awards, 1989-1997, 2004-2005
          Brandeis Bookshelf Program, 1977
          Calendar Proposals, 1971
          Courses and Advising, 1978
          Curriculum--Proposal for Legislation, 1993
          Curriculum--Clusters, 1994, 1998
          Curriculum--Writing Intensive, 1999-2001
          Enrollment Projections, 1979
          Enrollment Statistics, 1973-1980
          Examinations, 1971
          Examinations--Incompletes and Absences, 1975-1982
          Excerpt from the Department of Economics Fall Newsletter, 2004
          Faculty Meetings on Degrees, 1970-1973 [3 folders] [R]
          Financial Aid Report 1977-1978, 1978
          Ford Summer Fellowship, 1992-1993
          Freshman Seminars, 1974
          Hewlett Pluralism Alliance--The Bed of the Indus River, 2003
          Instructions for Filling Out Final Study Card, 1967-1970
          Learning Disabilities, 1989
          New Student Information, 1968
          Pass/Fail Options, 1989
          Policy and Procedures for Students Going to Israel, 1973
          Probation, 1983
          Proposed minor in Yiddish and East European Jewish Culture, 2004
          Registrarial Activities, 1976
Box 8
          Retention, 1980
          Rules and Regulations Governing Students, 1951-1952
          Scholarships, 1948-1949
          "Straight Answers to Academic Questions," 1975-1982
          Student Enrollment by Concentration, 1972
          Student of Color Recognition Day, 1990
          "Teaching at Brandeis," 1991-1996
          Transfer Student Concentration 1973-1974, ca. 1974
          Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
               Tenth Meeting Agenda, 2004
               Tenth meeting report, 2005
               Important changes to the Pass/Fail Grading Option, 2004
          Undergraduate Independent Study and Research, 1978
          Undergraduate Research Conference, 1978
          Undergraduate Research Program, 1982
          Undergraduate Research Support Program, 1982
          University Seminar in Humanistic Inquiries (USEM), 1997
          University Studies Council, 1988-1989
          Urban Studies Program Committee Report, 1970
          Writing Lab, 1993

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Additional files on Commencement are in the Commencement Collection.
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