Office of the Controller

Records, 1947-2002

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The Controller's Office deals with many of the financial aspects of the University. The Controller's Office includes the Bursar's Office, Disbursements, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Financial Systems, General Accounting, Sponsored Program Accounting. The University Controller reports to the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

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Scope and Contents
The material in this collection was created from 1947 through 2002. Materials include memos and financial reports and statements. The reports and statements concern the financial standing of the University and were maintained by the Controller's Office. The memos are general announcements from the Controller's Office to the Brandeis community.

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Reports and Statements 
Administrative Files 

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Series Summary
Reports and Statements
Inclusive dates: 1948-2001
Arrangement: Organized by subseries then chronological
This series contains a variety of reports and statements concerning the
finances of Brandeis. Most of the annual financial statements were
written by the accounting firm of Coopers and Lybrand. The statements
are currently written by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The Controller's Office
created the yearly financial reports. In addition to general annual
financial statements of the University, this series includes reports
written for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Administrative Files
Inclusive dates: 1947-2002
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains reviews by the accounting firm of Coopers and
Lybrand of Brandeis' internal control and financial management
practices. This series also contains reports concerning cost accounting
standards and a financial records system (FRS) accounts key from 1986.
In addition, this series has memos with statements and announcements
from the Controller's Office to the Brandeis community.

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Folder List
Reports and Statements [R]
Box 1
     Financial Statements
          Report on Examination of Accounts, 1947-1948
          Financial statements,  for the Fiscal year 1948-1973 [11 folders]
          Schedules supplementing financial statements, 1974
          Financial statement, 1974-1975
          Schedules supplementing financial statements, 1975 [2 folders]
          Financial statement, 1975-1976
          Schedules supplementing financial statements, 1976
          Condensed Financial Statements, 1976-1977
          Financial statement, 1977
          Schedules supplementing financial statements, 1977 [2 folders]
          Financial statement, 1978
          Schedules supplementing financial statements, 1978
          Condensed Financial Statements for the years ended, 1977-1978
          Report to the University Controller, 1978-1979
          Financial report, 1978-1979
          Report of the University Controller, 1979-1980
          Financial reports, 1979-1981 [2 folders]
          Report of the University Controller, 1980-1981
          Financial report, 1981-1982
          Condensed Financial Statements, 1981-1982
          Report to the University Controller, 1981-1982
          Financial reports, 1982-1986 [2 folders]
          Report to Management, 1985-1986
          Financial Reports, 1986-1988 [2 folders]
          Financial Statements, 1988-1989
          Financial Report, 1989-1990
          Controller's report, 1989-1990
          Financial Report, 1990-1991
          Controller's reports, 1990-1992 [3 folders]
          Financial statements, 1991-2000 [ 9 folders]
     Reports to HUD
          Report to the Department of housing and Urban Development Project (D), 1975-1977 [2 folders]

Administrative Files [R]
Box 1
          The financial records Systems (FR)-Dpt chart of Accounts, 1986
          Comments and Recommendations 1987-1991 [5 folders]
          Memos, 1986-2002 [2 folders]
          Cost Accounting Standards Committees, 1998
          Cost Accounting Standards Policies, 1998
          Bursar online announcement, 2000

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