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Collection, 1937-2007, n.d.

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Brandeis University was founded as the first non-sectarian, Jewish-sponsored university in the United States. The original Board of Trustees of Brandeis took over the charter and campus of the closing Middlesex University in 1947 and held its first classes in the Fall of 1948. The University graduated its first undergraduate class in 1952, and in 1953 the University opened its Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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Scope and Contents
Materials in this collection include correspondence, reports, speeches, programs, invitations, certificates, press releases, photographs, press clippings, and posters created from 1937 through 2007. Subjects include the official inauguration of Brandeis University and the installation of Brandeis' first president, Abram Sachar, in 1948; the inauguration of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 1953; and the celebration of the University's fortieth anniversary, along with some material from other anniversary celebrations. In addition there are general histories and descriptions of the university dealing primarily with the early days of the university, and press clippings of news articles concerning Brandeis throughout its history. Also included are materials documenting controversial events in the University's history. This collection is made up of files that came from a variety of sources.

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General History (boxes 1-2, map drawer 12)
Inaugurations (box 3)
Anniversaries (boxes 4-6, 8)
Newspaper Clippings (box 7, map drawers 1, 3)

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Series Summary
General History
Inclusive Dates: 1937-2007, n.d.
Arrangement: Organized under subseries, then chronologically
Materials in this series include correspondence, reports, speeches, 
press clippings, photographs, flyers, and posters. These items cover 
primarily the early years of Brandeis University -- including its 
predecessor, Middlesex University -- but some document more recent 
events and developments. Of note are materials that address the by-laws 
of the University and information concerning C. Ruggles Smith. Other 
files include brief histories and descriptions of the origins and 
character of the University, awards ceremonies, guest lecturers and 
lectureship series, Brandeis songs, the construction of a bust of 
Louis D. Brandeis, and correspondence dealing with a wide range of 

Inclusive Dates: 1948-1954, n.d.
Arrangement: Organized under subseries, then alphabetically
Materials in this series include invitations, programs, speeches and
press releases concerning the official inauguration of Brandeis
University, and its installation of its first president, Abram Sachar on
October 7th and 8th, 1948. In addition, this series includes a list of
delegates representing various colleges, universities, and institutions
at the inauguration. Other material includes programs and invitations to
the inauguration the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences on January
14th and 15th, 1954 and descriptions of past inaugurations at Harvard

Inclusive Dates: 1967-2006
Arrangement: Organized under subseries
Materials in this series include programs, schedules, certificates,
videos, Brandeis publications, press clippings, and CDs commemorating
Brandeis anniversaries.  Most of the 50th anniversary materials are
programs announcing celebration events and publications reviewing the
history of the University; also included is a recording of a concert
performance honoring the occasion.  Files concerning the 40th
anniversary celebration include transcripts of speeches given at the
anniversary convocation, memos and meeting minutes of the advisory
committee on the 40th anniversary, and personal reminiscences of alumni,
staff, faculty, and others associated with the university. Additional
material in this series includes reprints of the 1948 inauguration for
the University's 30th anniversary, a program for the 35th anniversary,
notes and memos concerning the development of a 20th anniversary
yearbook, programs for the 10th and 15th anniversaries, and programs, 
publicity materials, and memorabilia from the Louis D. Brandeis
Sesquicentennial celebration.

Press Clippings
Inclusive Dates: 1946-1998
Arrangement: Chronological
This series is composed of newspaper clippings and magazine articles
concerning a wide range of events and issues. A considerable portion of
the clippings deal with the establishment of the University.

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Folder List
General History
Box 1
          Sweney report on philosophy of Brandeis University, n.d.
          Albert Einstein Foundation for Higher Learning, ca. 1946
          Albert Einstein birthday dinner, 1947
          "News about Brandeis University," 1947, 1952, 1953
          Executive Committee minutes, 1947
          History of the Campus, ca. 1948
          "Brandeis University: The Challenge, the Assurance, the Pledge" by Abram Sachar, 1948
          Thanksgiving Dinner program/menu, 1948
          Unique Aspects of Brandeis, 1952
          Publicity for Brandeis University, 1948-1965
          Brandeis' early years, 1951
          "As I See It" by Carl Fell, 1958
          "Brandeis University Enters Tenth Year," 1958
          Brandeis brochures, ca. 1960
          "Facts about Brandeis University," 1965-1968, ca. 1978 [4 folders]
          Short historical sketch of Brandeis, ca. 1980
          "Brandeis University Facts," 1986-1987
          "Brandeis and Israel: Forty Years of Collaboration," 1988
          "From Haven to 'Host'", J. Gliedman, Yale University Senior Thesis, 1988
          "Brandeis University at a Glance," 1993
          "The Status is Not Quo," December 1996
          "About Brandeis," ca. 1996, 1997
          "Albert Einstein and the Founding of Brandeis University," Sylvan S. Schweber (Brandeis
               Prof.), 1998
     Certificates, Charters, By-laws, and Regulations
          "An Act Incorporating the Trustees of Middlesex University with power to grant Certain
               Degrees," 1937
Flat File
          Charters--True Photostatic Copies, 1937-1971
Box 1
          "An Act Incorporating the Trustees of Middlesex University with power to grant Certain
               Degrees"--Certified Photostatic Copy, 1937, 1961
          "Certificate of Amendment of Certificate of Incorporation of the Albert Einstein Foundation
               for Higher Learning, Inc.", 1946
          By-laws of Brandeis University, 1947, 1951, 1956 [3 folders]
          Faculty Handbook, 1958
          By-laws of Brandeis University, 1961
          University Regulations, 1969
          Charters and By-laws of Brandeis University, 1982, 1989 [2 folders]
          New England Associates of Brandeis University--Albert
               Einstein Birthday Dinner--Invitation, 1947
          Schedule for David Ben-Gurion visit, 1951
          Dinner hosted by Mu Sigma Fraternity for creating Memorial Building Fund, 1954
          "In Honor of Max and Morris Feldberg," 1971
          Days of  Remembrance, City of Waltham Proclamation, 2001
          "Voices of Palestine"--News articles on protest against removal of Palestinian children's art exhibit, 2006
Map Drawer 12
          "Voices of Palestine"--Poster from protest against removal of Palestinian children's art exhibit, 2006
Box 1
          Carter, Jimmy--Talk at Brandeis, 2007
Map Drawer 12
          Carter, Jimmy--Protest posters from talk at Brandeis, 2007
          Lectures, 1951-1990
          Sidney Hillman Lectures--Max Lerner, No. 1-4, 1955
          Council of School of Science, 1975-1989
          Milender Lectures--Jewish Communal Service Program, 1984-1986
          Brandeis University and American Management Association "Business and the Humanities," 1988
          Rothbart Anniversary Letters, ca. 1994
          Abba Eban Lecture Fund, ca. 1995
          Milton Gralla Lecture Series--Program, 1997
          Academically Incorrect, 1998
          Martin Weiner Lecture Fund, ca. 1998
Box 2
          Brandeis Distinguished Community Service Award: Peter M. Thompson, 1987
          Brandeis Distinguished Community Service Award: Michael J. Wechsler, 1987
          Brandeis Distinguished Community Service Award: Nathan R. Light, 1999
          Brandeis Distinguished Community Service Award: Joel Karten, 1990
          Brandeis Distinguished Community Service Award: The Hon. Salvatore R. Curiale, 1991
          Brandeis Distinguished Community Service Award: Robert S. Lowenstein and Milton Gralla, 1991
          Brandeis Distinguished Community Service Award: Patrick J. Foley, 1992
          Honors/Awards Received by Brandeis Faculty Members, 1996-1997
          Biotechnology--Gabbay Awards, 1998
     C. Ruggles Smith
          TL from Mr. Smith to Abram Sachar, concerning applicants, 1948
          TL from C. Ruggles Smith to Maria E. Schutt, 1956
          TLS between C. Ruggles Smith and Abram Sachar, 1959-1966
          TLS from Julius Silver to C. Ruggles Smith, 1967
          TL from C. Ruggles Smith to Clarence Q. Berger and Nathan Perlmutter, 1969
          Biography of C. Ruggles Smith, 1960, 1970
          C. Ruggles Smith, n.d. [photograph]
          C. Ruggles Smith Tribute Fund, n.d.
          "The Opportunity Presents Itself" by C. Ruggles Smith, n.d.
          C. Ruggles Smith, Paul Flynn, William J. Bannan, Austin D. Rhodes, n.d. [photograph]
          TLS from Alpert Einstein to Dr. Israel Goldstein, 1946
          Miscellaneous correspondence, 1947-1949 [2 folders]
          TL from U.S. Department of Justice--Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1949
          TL from C. V. Newsom to Abram Sachar, 1950
     Louis D. Brandeis
          Construction of bust of Louis D. Brandeis, 1954-1956
          Louis D. Brandeis Centennial, 1956
          The Legacy of Louis D. Brandeis, 1991
     Brandeis Songs
          Brandeis songs, 1998, n.d. [2 folders]
          Furniture Committee for Brandeis University, 1948
          Ed Sullivan, 1951
          Duff, Sachar, Kannelnberg, 1979
          Faculty: John Roche, Philip Rieff, Leonard Levy, n.d.
          Stationary Sample, n.d.

Box 3
     Inauguration of Brandeis University & Installation of President
          Ceremony: Charge given to Abram Sachar, 1948
               List of universities sending greetings, 1948
               Alfred University, 1948
               American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1948
               The American University, 1948
               Boston University, 1948
               University of California, 1948
               Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1948
               Carnegie Institute of Washington, 1948
               The Catholic University of America, 1948
               University of Chicago, 1948
               Columbia University, 1948
               University of Connecticut, 1948
               Copper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, 1948
               Dartmouth College, 1948
               University of Denver, 1948
               Dickinson College, 1948
               Emory University, 1948
               Fisk University, October 1948
               Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, 1948
               University of Florida, 1948
               Franklin and Marshall College, 1948
               Gettysburg College, 1948
               Goucher College, 1948
               Harvard College, 1948
               University of Hawaii, 1948
               Hillyer College, 1948
               Hobart and William Smith Colleges, 1948
               Iowa State College, 1948
               University of Iowa, 1948
               Lawrence College, 1948
               Massachusetts State Teachers College at Framingham, 1948
               Middlebury College, 1948
               Mills College, 1948
               University of Minnesota, 1948
               National Academy of Sciences, 1948
               University of the State of New York, 1948
               Northeastern University, 1948
               Otterbein College, 1948
               Phelps-Stokes Fund, 1948
               Simpson College, 1948
               Tulane University, 1948
               Union College, 1948
               University of Utah, 1948
               Vassar College, 1948
               Medical College of Virginia, 1948
               University of Washington, 1948
               Rektorat der Universitat Wein--Vienna Austria, 1948
               Academie Royale de Belgique, 1948
               Academie royale des Sciences, des lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, 1948
               Universite de Liege, 1948
               University of Cambridge, 1948
               University of Liverpool, 1948
               University of Aberdeen, 1948
               University of Edinburgh, 1948
               Universite de Montreal, 1948
               University of Western Ontario, 1948
               Academia Sinica--Nanking, China, 1948
               Charles University--Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1948
               Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, 1948
               Universidad de Santo Domingo, 1948
               Institut de France, 1948
               Universite de Lausanne,1948
               Universite de Lyon, 1948
               Universite de Paris, 1948
               University of Iceland, 1948
               Universita degli Studi di Bologna, 1948
               Universita di Napoli, September 4, 1948
               Universita degli Studi di Roma, 1948
               Universidad Nacional de Mexico, 1948
               Rijsuniversiteit te Utrecht, 1948
               University of the Philippines, 1948
               Universite de Geneve, 1948
               Miscellaneous university acceptance letters, n.d.
          Invitation to Brandeis University Inauguration, 1948
          List of delegates, 1948
          Program for Brandeis University Inauguration, 1948
              Clippings from the American Jewish Press, 1948
              Clippings from the Press of the Nation, 1948
              Press Releases, n.d.
          TL from Abram Sachar to James B. Conant, 1948
               George Alpert speech, 1948
               "The Place of Education in a Democracy" by Arthur H. Compton, 1948
               Eliahu Epstein speech, 1948
               Rabbi Israel Goldstein speech, 1948
               Dr. Paul Klapper, 1948
               Abram Sachar acceptance speech, 1948
               John W. Taylor [?], "A New College and a New Age," 1948
     Inauguration of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
          "Frontiers of Knowledge," 1958
          Introduction to the Graduate School, 1953-1954
          Invitation to inauguration exercises, 1953-1954
          Program, 1954
          TLS from Abram Sachar, 1953
     Inaugurations at Harvard University
          Description of Harvard inauguration, n.d.
          Inauguration of James Bryant Conant at Harvard University, n.d.
          Prayer for Harvard's President, n.d.

Box 4
     10th Anniversary
          "The 10th Anniversary of Brandeis," 1958
     15th Anniversary
          "Festivities Celebrating the Fifteenth Anniversary Year," 1963
     20th Anniversary
          Twentieth Anniversary Yearbook, 1967-1972
     30th Anniversary
          Thirtieth Anniversary of Brandeis University, 1978
     35th Anniversary
          Brandeis Review Special Inaugural Issue, 1983
     40th Anniversary
          Newspaper clippings, 1988
          Invitations, 1988
          Convocation, 1988
          Brochures for event, 1988
          Personal Reminiscences, 1987-1988
          Schedule of events, 1988
          Symposium: "America in 2028," 1988
          University Advisory Committee on the 40th Anniversary Celebration, 1987-1988
          Wien International Scholarship Program 30th Anniversary, 1988
          The Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Diploma To Brandeis University, 1988 [2 folders]
Box 5
     50th Anniversary
          "Searching for Allison Porchnick"--Hollywood Alumni Tribute to Brandeis at 50 (video, DVD), 1998
          "Minds That Matter", from Alumni / Umbrella Films production (video, DVD), 1998
          "Brandeis Post Card Presentation" (video), 1998
          "Brandeis University 50th Anniversary Picnic" (video), 1998
          "Spingold Theater Center Celebrates Brandeis at 50: My Knees were Jumping: Remembering the
               Kindertransport," discussion,  (video), 1998
           "Brandeis University Faculty , 50th Anniversary Symposium," (video), 1999
          Anniversary Weekend, 1998
          "Israel in the Arab Mirror"--Conference, 1998
          Sports Hall of Fame & Benny Friedman Tribute, 1998
          Greetings from Clark University, 1998
          Postcard & poster, 1998
          Images of Brandeis: 1948-1998--Index to Photographic Exhibit, 1998
          Massachusetts House of Representatives--Offer of congratulations, 1998
          "Pauline Oliveros in Concert"--Slosberg Recital Hall [CD], 1998?
Box 6
          Brandeis publications, 1998 [3 folders]
          Press clippings, 1998
          Baseball hat with 50th Anniversary seal, 1998
          Mug with 50th Anniversary seal, 1998
          Paper weight with 50th Anniversary postcard image, 1998
          Brandeis at 50 online exhibit [CD], 1998
Flat File
          Framed 50th Anniversary postcard and print of postcard image, 1998
     Louis D. Brandeis Sesquicentennial
Box 6
          Programs and publicity materials, 2006
Box 8
          T-shirt, 2006
Press Clippings
Box 7
          News clippings, 1946-1951, 1962-1970, 1976, 1981, 1986-1992 [19 folders]
Map Drawer 1
          50th Anniversary framed postcard and print of postcard, 1998
          Peace Corps, 5th Anniversary Certificate, 1964
Map Drawer 3
          "Brandeis University Opens," The Jewish Advocate, 1948
          "A Salute to Brandeis University," The Jewish Advocate, 1952

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Additional files on the history of Brandeis University are in the Office of Development Collection under the History and Overview of Brandeis Series.

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