Board of Trustees: Individual Members

Records, 1947-2001, n.d.

6.33 cu. ft. (6 record center boxes, 1 document box)

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The Board of Trustees is authorized to have up to fifty members who are responsible for and are the final authority on all aspects of the University's operations. The specific functions of the Board of Trustees are reflected by the standing committees of the Board: Academic Affairs; Audit; Budget and Finance; Development; Executive; Honorary Degrees; Investment; Health Services; Nominating; Personnel, Compensation and Ethics; Physical Facilities; and Student Affairs.

The Board of Trustees selects the president of the University who is responsible solely to the Board. In addition to the members, the Board also includes four faculty and three student representatives. Ex officio members include the chair of the Fellows, the president of the National Women's Committee, and the president of the Alumni Association. The officers of the Board include the Chair, Vice-Chairs, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Board of Trustees began in 1947 with George Alpert as its first Chair. Prominent trustees have included Leonard Bernstein and Eleanor Roosevelt. The current chair is Stephen B. Kay.

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Scope and Contents
Files in this collection were created from 1936 through 2001. Materials include correspondence, photographs, reports, meeting minutes, and newspaper clippings. Many of the files concern the University's budget and fundraising efforts. Some files belonging to James Axelrod record the activities of various trustees committees, particularly the Executive Committee. Most of the photographs from Norman Rabb record events such as convocations and commencements at Brandeis.

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James Axelrod (boxes 1-2)
Meyer Jaffe (box 2)
Irving Kane (box 2)
Norman Rabb (boxes 2-3)
Walter Rosenblith (box 3)
Various Members (boxes 4-6)

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Series Summary
James Axelrod
Inclusive Dates: 1949-1983, n.d.
Arrangement: By subseries
These files contain Axelrod's correspondence, including copies of
letters with Abram Sachar. Most of the files contain minutes, notes, and
reports from committees of the Board of Trustees.  Much of the
information deals with fundraising and budget issues. Files also contain
information on Brandeis events and publications.

Meyer Jaffe
Inclusive Dates: 1948-1975
Arrangement: By subseries
These files include correspondence written to Jaffe, memos summarizing
meetings, and photographs of Board of Trustees members and the 1957
commencement exercises.

Irving Kane
Inclusive dates: 1953-1976
Arrangement: By subseries
These files include news clippings, correspondence with Lawrence Wein.

Norman Rabb
Inclusive Dates: ca. 1949-1993
Arrangement: By subseries
This series contains photographic prints of a variety of events at
Brandeis. Many of the photographs include Norman Rabb.

Walter Rosenblith
Inclusive Dates: 1978-1995
This series includes correspondence and memoranda on Board of Trustees
matters, as well as curricula vitae, newsclippings, and materials
related to Rosenblith's work at M.I.T., including awards and certificates.

Various Members
Inclusive Dates: 1936-2001, n.d.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
These files include various information on individual members of the
Board of Trustees, including photographs, obituaries, news clippings,
correspondence with other members and speeches. Some of the files were
originally correspondence with Abram Sachar and some of the
correspondence was with the Chairman of the Board or the Executive
Secretary of the Board.

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Folder List
Box 1
          Correspondence with George Alpert, 1949, December 9, 1949
          Correspondence, 1949-1970 [4 folders]
          Correspondence donated by Alan S. Axelrod, 1952-1955
          Executive Committee, 1949-1964, n.d. [10 folders]
          Fundraising Committee, 1951-1954
          Fundraising, 1948-1964, n.d. [5 folders]
          Budget and Finance Committee, 1952-1961
          Budget/Finance, 1949-1964, n.d. [5 folders]
          Education Committee, 1951-1961
          Honorary Degrees Committee, 1958-1961
          University Resources Committee, 1959-1961
          Fellows of Brandeis University, 1959-1960
          Building Committee, 1959-1960
Box 2
          Nominating Committee, 1959-1965
          Investment Committee, 1954-1962
          Public Relations Committee, 1951-1960
          University Development and Resources Committee, 1954
          Events, 1947-1960s [3 folders]
     Publications, News Clippings, and Reports
          News clippings, 1949-1959
          Publications, 1940s-1980s [3 folders]
          Report--New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, February 1, 1966
          Budget Estimates, 1956-1957 [2 folders]
          Miscellaneous, 1954-1960
          Photos, n.d.

Meyer Jaffe
Box 2
          Correspondence, 1952-1956, 1959-1963 [11 folders]
          TLS from George Alpert to Jaffe Meyer, 1948
          TLS from Jaffe to George Alpert and Sachar, 1948
          TLS from George Alpert to Jaffe Meyer, 1950, 1954 [2 folders]
          Brandeis University, 1949
          Jaffe Meyer Fund, 1951
          Jaffe Meyer Obituary, 1964
          Walter Jaffe Memorial Fund Contribution, 1950
          TLS from Max M. Kleinbaum to Jaffe Meyer, 1957
          TLS from Joseph W. Martin to Jaffe Meyer, 1956
          TLS from Marjorie R. Phelon to Jaffe Meyer , 1953
          Abram Sachar, 1948
          TLS from Louis P. Smith to Jaffe Meyer, 1952
          Memo from conference, 1952 [3 folders]
          Memo from Dining Hall conference, 1952
          Memo from conference, 1952
          Memo from Dormitory conference, 1952
          Bids for dining hall construction, 1952
          Invitation to First Commencement Exercises, 1952
          12 photographs [Board of Trustees functions--commencement], 1957

Irving Kane
Box 2
          General Correspondence, 1958-1969 [2 folders]
          Lawrence Kane, 1969
     General Files
          News clipping about Irving Kane, 1962
          Biographical information, news clippings, and correspondence, 1953-1976

Norman Rabb
Box 2
Bound Volume
          "Norman S. Rabb at Three Score and Ten: A Brandeis Retrospective," 1975 [photo album]
          Photographs--unlabeled, ca. 1949-1993 [6 folders]
          Correspondence--general,  1955-1968
Box 3
          Correspondence--general, 1961-1968 [3 folders]
          Berger, Dean Clarence, 1961-1966 [3 folders]
          Fleck, Richard, 1961-1962
          Gilman, Dr. Richard--Public Affairs Office, 1961-1967
          Kane, Lawrence J., 1964
          Korin, Hyam, 1961-1967
          Adelle Lisman--Executive Secretary, 1961
          Noussee, Jean--Executive Secretary, 1962-1965
          Ross, Dan, 1963-1966
          Sachar, Dr. Abram L., 1965-1967 [2 folders]

Walter Rosenblith
Box 3
          Certificate of Appointment as Consultative Professor--University of Electronic Science and
               Technology of China, 1988
          Colloquium in Honor of MIT Faculty Members, 1978
          Correspondence--general, 1978-1995
          Curricula Vitae, 1976, 1990
          Newsclippings, 1975, 1979

Various Members
Box 3
          Abrams, Mrs. Irving, 1951
          Alpert, George, 1949-1980
          Alpert, George--Correspondence, 1954-1968
          Avnet, Lester--Correspondence, 1961-1970
          Benjamin, Robert--Correspondence, 1960-1970
          Benton, Williams--Correspondence, 1961-1972 [3 folders]
          Berler, Mrs. Albert, 1972
          Brown, Morris, 1961-1965
          Cantor, Sol W., 1957-1962
          Farber, Leonard--Speeches, 1986-1987
Box 4
          Farber, Sidney, 1957-1973
          Feinberg, Abraham, 1949-1996 [2 folders]
          Feldberg, Stanley H., 1972-2001
          Fierman, L. Harold, 1961-1969
          Ford, Joseph F.--Commendations, 1980, 1990-1997
          Ford, Joseph F.--Correspondence, 1958-1969 
          Foster, Joseph C., 1959-1972
          Foster, Henry--Correspondence, 1973-1990
          Giamatti, A. Bartlett, 1988
          Goldberg, Mrs. Harold, 1960-1962
          Golden, Robert--Correspondence, 1961-1968
          Goldfarb, Jack A.--Correspondence, 1956-1969 [3 folders]
          Golding, Harry, 1956-1971 [2 folders]
          Gryzmish, Reuben--Correspondence, 1958-1969
          Haber, William, 1965-1969
          Heller, Florence, 1961-1966
          Hexter, Maurice, 1959-1965 [2 folders]
          Hexter, Maurice, 1966-1969
          Hexter, Maurice, 1971-1980
          Hiatt, Jacob--Correspondence, 1955-1971 [2 folders]
          Hiatt, Jacob--Photograph, n.d.
Box 4a
          Kahn, Milton--Correspondence, 1955-1968
          Katz, Milton--Correspondence, 1963-1969
          Kekst, Gershon, 1989
          Kimball, Dudley, 1952-1969
          Kimball, Dudley, 1970-1979
Box 5
          Klutznick, Philip M--Correspondence, 1959-1964
          Klutznick, Philip M--Correspondence, 1965-1968
          Lasker, Mrs. Albert D., 1961-1962
          Lazarus, S. Ralph, 1947
          Lehman, Senator Herbert H.--Correspondence, 1956-1964
          Lemberg, Samuel--Correspondence, 1959-1969 [2 folders]
          Levenson, Paul--Interview trustees, n.d.
          Linsey, Joseph--Correspondence, 1955-1969 [2 folders]
          Linsey, Joseph, 1970-1972
          Lown, Philip W., 1959-1969
          Lubin, Isador, 1954-1969 [3 folders]
          Mailman, Joseph, 1959-1969 [3 folders]
          Margolis, Anne, 1970
          Margolis, Rose, 1964-1967
          Mazer, William, 1955-1969
          Pepper, Allan M.--Photograph, n.d.
          Perlmutter, Louis, 1989-1990
          Poses, Jack--Photographs, n.d.
          Poses, Jack--Correspondence, 1959-1968
          Proskauer, Joseph M., 1954-1968
          Remis, Harry, 1957- 1964
          Rogosin, Israel, 1955- 1965
          Rolbein, David L.--Correspondence, 1963-1967
          Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor, 1954-1963
Box 6
          Rose, Edward, 1956-1968
          Rosenfield, Mrs. Philip, 1962
          Salomon, Irving, 1956-1968
          Saltzman, Maurice, 1966-1968
          Salvage, Louis, 1963-1968
          Schary, Dore, 1959-1968
          Schwartz, David, 1958-1981
          Shapiro, Abraham
               Letter from President Sachar to his father on Shapiro's death, 1949
               Memorial Committee trustee, ca. 1949
                    Einstein and Brandeis Foundations, 1946, 1948
                    First Honorary Alumnus award, 1947
                    Obituaries and memorials, 1949
                    Shapiro Athletic Center--Building plans, 1950
                    Shapiro Athletic Center--Dedication, 1953
                    Shapiro Athletic Center--Renovation, 1991
               TLS from Albert Einstein, 1948
          Shapiro, Robert--Phi Beta Kappa, n.d.
          Shapiro, Jacob, 1954-1968
          Sharfman, I. Leo, 1955-1968
          Slosberg, Samuel L., 1956-1968
          Sobeloff, Simon E., 1955-1968
          Stroum, Sam--Photos, n.d., 1936-1970
          Stroum, Sam--E. Donnall Thomas Medal of Achievement Dinner, 1999
          Swig, Benjamin--The Measure of a Man, 1968
          Swig, Benjamin, 1957-1968 [2 folders]
          Thorp, William L, 1956-1962
          Ullman, Adolph, n.d.
          Wien, Lawrence A., 1957-1968 [5 folders]
          Wien, Lawrence A, photographs, n.d.
          Zale, Morris, 1970-1979

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For additional information on the Board of Trustees, see the Board of Trustees Collection and the Board of Trustees series of the Sachar Presidential Papers. For additional information on George Alpert see the George Alpert Collection.