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Records, 1947-2002, n.d.

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The Office of Admissions is responsible for recruiting and admitting students to the university. Office staff introduce prospective students to Brandeis by arranging visits to campus and by traveling throughout the United States and selected foreign countries. The office also reviews the applications of prospective students and decides which students to admit to the university. The Office of Admissions was established during the founding of the University in 1948 and was at that time combined with the registrar's office. C. Ruggles Smith, who had been president of Middlesex University, was the first director of the department. In 1955, these two functions were separated and distinct offices were created. Significant programs sponsored by the Office of Admissions include open houses in the fall and spring.

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Scope and Contents
Files in this collection were created from 1947 to 2002. Materials include reports, statistical profiles, memos, application forms, invitations, brochures, booklets, and photographs. Subjects covered by the files include the effectiveness of the admissions process, student of color recruitment and enrollment, recruitment of local high school students, profiles of incoming classes, open houses, and general information about the university used in the recruitment process.

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Reports/Memos (box 1)
Incoming Class Profiles (box 1)
Events (box 1)
Publications (boxes 1-3)
Photographs (box 4)

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Series Summary
Inclusive Dates: 1948, 1971-1988, 2001, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains reports and memos on the procedures and
effectiveness of the Office of Admissions. It also includes  information
on student of color recruitment and daily reports from C. Ruggles Smith
to Abram Sachar on potential students from local high schools.

Incoming Class Profiles
Inclusive Dates: 1956-2001
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains statistical profiles of incoming classes.

Inclusive Dates: 1969-2002
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains information on admissions receptions and open houses.

Inclusive Dates: 1947-2000, n.d.
Arrangement: Chronological
This series contains admissions applications and publications directed
toward prospective students.

Inclusive dates: 1947-1991, n.d.
Arrangement:  Alphabetically by subject
This series contains a variety of photographs taken by both the Brandeis
Photography Department and outside photographers.  The Office of
Admissions used them primarily for publications and exhibits.

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Folder List
Reports/Memos [R]
Box 1
          Daily reports--C. Ruggles Smith to Abram Sachar--local high
               schools, July 1948-August 1948
          [Final report:] committee on admissions and financial aid,
          Report--Frderick L. Luddy, 1971
          Report on admissions procedures, 1975
          Report--David Gould, 1976
          Annual report, September 22, 1976
          To: members of the committee on admissions and financial
               aid, March 9, 1977
          ACE/UCLA Study, January 9, 1978
          Minority class of 1982, July 1978
          Report, October 1979
          ACE/UCLA study, January 15, 1980
          Dean of Admissions hired, July 16, 1980
          Black enrollment, 1987-1988
          Staff promotion, 2001
          Early university guidelines, n.d.

Incoming Class Profiles
Box 1
          Incoming Class Profile, 1956-1959, 1973-1980, 1988-2001 [5 folders]

Box 1
          Parents weekend, 1969-1979
          Open campus days, 1976-1982
          Fall open house, 1980-1999
          Invitation to reception, 1981
          Spring open house, 1989-1994
          Spring open house, 1992
          Fall open house, 1994
          Fall and spring open houses, 1995
          Spring open house, 1996
          Spring open house, 1997
          Fall open house, 1997
          Spring open house, 1998
          Fall open house, 1998
          Spring open house, 1999
          Fall open house, 1999
          Spring open house, 2000
          Fall open house, 2000
          Spring open house, 2001
          Spring open house, 2002

Box 1
          "This is Brandeis," n.d.
          "Undergraduate science at Brandeis," n.d.
          Application form, 1947
          "Questions and answers about Brandeis University," ca. 1947
          "This is Brandeis University," ca. 1947
          "The story of Brandeis University," 1948
          "You are a candidate for admission to Brandeis University,"
               May 1948
          College of arts and sciences--admissions and scholarships,
          "This is Brandeis," 1950-1959
          Registration envelope, 1950-1951
          "Announcement for the academic year," 1950-1951
Box 2
          Maps, 1953-1980
          [General materials], 1958-1959
          "Additional information for prospective students," 1965
          "Facts about Brandeis University," 1965-1966
          Applications, 1969-1977
          Foreign students, 1970-1979
          [General materials], 1971-1990
          College of arts and sciences--poster, 1972
          Latin American studies, 1972
          Financial aid information sheet, 1972
          "Brandeis," 1973-1974
          College of arts and sciences--poster, 1974
          "Introducing Brandeis," ca. 1970, 1975
          "Introducing Brandeis to minority students," ca. 1975
          Application materials packet, 1976
          "Brandeis," 1976
          "The humanities and creative arts at Brandeis," 1976
          "The sciences at Brandeis," 1976
          "The social sciences at Brandeis, 1976-1977
          "Brandeis," 1976-1977
          "Graduate Study at Brandeis," 1980
          "Brandeis. . .a student perspective," 1981
          "Brandeis--remarkable achievements--ours and yours,"
          "Admissions update," January 1982
          "What's in store for you," 1984
          "Brandeis," ca. 1984
          "Brandeis," 1986
Box 3
          "Brandeis--Discover Brandeis Discover Yourself...., " n.d.
          "Brandeis--The Vital Time" n.d.
          "Brandeis University," n.d.
          "Brandeis University," 1987
          "Brandeis," 1990
          Introductory brochures, 1992-1993
          Financial aid brochure, 1993, 1997-1998
          "Careers and the liberal arts," 1993
          "The Curriculum," 1994
          Brandeis information brochure, 1996
          Brandeis applications and instructions, 1997
          "Career Connections," 1997-1998
          "Brandeis Connections: 1997-98," 1997
          Publications, 1998
          Publications, copyright 1999 [2 folders]
          Application, 1999-2000
          Publications, 2000

Box 4
          Academic life, 1983, 1984, 1989, n.d.
          Athletics, 1990, n.d.
          Campus shots--Bill Mercer Photographer, October 15, 1987,
          Campus life, 1989, 1990, n.d.
          Career development, 1986, n.d.
          Creative arts, 1989, n.d.
          Crew Team--Phil Kersten and Justus Weiner Photographers,
              1990, n.d.
          Famous or significant individuals, 1947-1958, n.d.
          Faculty, 1990, n.d.
          Landscape and architecture, 1990, n.d.
          Science, n.d.
          Students portraits, 1986, 1989, 1991, n.d.
          Theater Arts, 1977, 1989, n.d.
          Visitors, 1984, n.d.

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