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"All Together! Enlist in the Navy," H. Reuterdahl, American Litho. Co., 1918; 30x44"

"Save Food and Defeat Frightfulness" [United States Food Administration], Herbert Paus, Strobridge Litho. Co., 1918; 36x56"

"U.S.A. Bonds: Weapons for Liberty" [Third Liberty Loan Campaign/Boy Scouts of America], Christian Leyendecker, American Litho. Co., 1918; 30x20"

"When the Boys Come Home: 'While I Was Over There/What Were You Doing Here?' Students of America, How Will You Answer Him?" W.T. Benda, unknown publisher, 1918; 28x21"

"Care for Her Through the YWCA: For Every Fighter a Woman Worker," Adolph Treidler, American Litho. Co., 1918; 40x30"

"A Man May Be Down But He's Never Out! Salvation Army: Home Service Fund Campaign," Frederick Duncan, Sackett & Wilhelm Corp., 1918; 41x50"

"Will You Supply Eyes for the Navy?" Grant, Sackett & Wilhelm Corp., 1918; 30x20"

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