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"Are you 100% American? Prove it! Buy U.S. Government Bonds," Stern, Sackett & Wilhelm Corp., 1918; 30x20”

"Clear the Way!! Buy Bonds/Fourth Liberty Loan," Howard Chandler Christy, Forbes, 1918; 30x20”

"Halt the Hun: Buy U.S. Government Bonds/Third Liberty Loan," Henry Patrick Raleigh, Edwards & Deutch Litho., 1918; 29x20”

"The Government Asks You to Do Your Xmas Shopping Early: Do It Now," Haskell Coffin, American Litho. Co., 1918; 30x20”

"American Library Association, 'Hey Fellows!' Your Money Brings the Book When We Want It," John Sheridan, American Litho. Co. 1918; 30x20”

"I Want You for the Navy: Promotion for Anyone Enlisting," Howard Chandler Christy, Forbes, 1918; 41x27”

"Oh, Boy! That's the Girl! The Salvation Army Lassie: Keep Her on the Job" [United War Work Campaign], George M. Richards, Sackett & Wilhelm Corp., 1918; 40x30”

"Four Years in the Fight: The Women of France: We Owe Them Houses of Cheer" [United War Work Campaign and YWCA], Lucien Jonas, Litho. Co., 1918; 42x27”

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