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Joan Crawford

Award Collection

Community Awards
Crawford received this award, a shoe and leg brace, for supporting the Texas Theatres Crippled Children's Fund. This award was presented to Crawford on November 5, 1952, by the Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation, in association with the Texas Council for Motion Picture Organizations.
This Hebrew-English Bible was presented to Crawford by the United Jewish Appeal in October of 1959.
Crawford was presented with this award on January 11, 1960, at the Variety Club of Philadelphia's 25th anniversary celebration. She received this award for being a dedicated friend of the Variety Community.
This testimonial was presented to Crawford by the Carbonated Beverage Syrup and Allied Trades Division of the United Jewish Appeal of Greater New York on May 18, 1960. This document describes Crawford as "an almost legendary figure in the motion picture world."
Crawford received this City of Hope Award on July 10, 1963, at the "Night of Stars" at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California. This award was presented in appreciation for Crawford's donation of time and funds to the City of Hope Hospital in California, a research center for life-threatening diseases.
Crawford received the Honorary Hoosier Award on January 8, 1964, "in recognition of her distinguished contributions to the arts and the business world and for her great devotion to humanitarian causes."
This USO Award of the Year medal was presented to Crawford by the New York City USO Committee. Crawford was designated as the first Woman of the Year, in 1965, for her accomplishments as an actress, executive, and humanitarian.
This Heart of the World Award was the second award presented to Crawford by the City of Hope Hospital. Crawford continued her contributions to this organization over the years, and this award was presented to her on July 14, 1965.