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"The People's Attorney": Brandeis Legacy

Susan Brandeis followed her father’s footsteps into both a legal career and Zionist activism and was one of the first women in American history to argue a case before the Supreme Court [at which point her father was naturally forced to recuse himself]. Susan also played a large role in the early years of Brandeis University, serving as one of its Trustees. With attorney Jacob Gilbert, Susan had three children: Louis, Alice, and Frank.

Elizabeth Brandeis became a noted author and professor of labor history and economics in Wisconsin. With her husband, Paul Raushenbush, she played a significant role in the formulation of portions of the New Deal legislation of the 1930s. She had one son, Walter.

Brandeis on the cover of Time magazine. November 15, 1937.

Launching of the “Liberty ship”, S.S. Louis D. Brandeis. Fairfield, MD. February 20, 1943. L to R: Alice, Louis, Frank, Jacob, and Susan Brandeis Gilbert.

Supreme Court Justices Louis Brandeis and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Washington, D.C. 1930s

Alice Gilbert and George Alpert at the Castle on the site of the future Brandeis University. 1947

Alice Gilbert (granddaughter) and Susan Brandeis at Brandeis University. 1960s.

Brandeis University Trustees. Susan Brandeis, seated, 2nd from right (1963)

Eleanor Roosevelt, Saul Cohen, Harry S. Truman, Abram L. Sachar. Massell Quad, Brandeis University.

Jacob Gilbert (son-in-law) on the Brandeis campus.s

Louis Brandeis, undated photograph

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