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"The People's Attorney": Family Life

On a visit home to Louisville in 1890, Brandeis met distant cousin Alice Goldmark and began a brief courtship. They were married on March 23, 1891 and took residence first on Mt. Vernon Street and then Otis Place in Boston. The pair had two daughters, Susan (b. February 27, 1893) and Elizabeth (b. April 25, 1896). Until his departure for Washington, the family also maintained a home in the town of Dedham. The Brandeis family also acquired a vacation cottage in the Cape Cod community of Chatham; the Justice would typically spend the month of August there each year.

Brandeis on horseback. Dedham, MA (circa 1900)

Alice Goldmark before her marriage to Louis Brandeis

Elizabeth Brandeis, daughter (circa 1900)

Brandeis in canoe.

Brandeis with daughters Susan and Elizabeth building a playhouse. Dedham, MA. (1901)

Susan Brandeis, daughter

Louis and Alice Brandeis. Chatham, MA. 1930s.

Louis and Alice Brandeis with: (L to R) Susan, Walter Raushenbush, Alice Gilbert, Elizabeth Brandeis, Louis and Frank Gilbert. Chatham, MA 1930s

Brandeis on tennis court

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