In its fifty years, Brandeis University has evolved from impudent upstart to respected peer among the finest American institutions of higher education. Founded in an atmosphere composed of enthusiasm and skepticism in roughly
equal measure, Brandeis owes its unique character to the preservation of that volatile combination of qualities.

Like the institution itself, this People's History is an ongoing community project. Consider it a work in progress; through the end of the 1998-1999 anniversary year, members of the Brandeis community will be contributing their own views on the events that shaped their university. Alumni, past and present faculty and staff — anyone who has been a part of Brandeis has memories that have a place here. With the addition of those invaluable perspectives, what begins as a loose sketch will become an increasingly detailed, many-textured portrait. To add your own voice, follow the links inviting you to Email us your Brandeis memories.

Much of the material appearing in this timeline has been provided by the Robert D. Farber University Archive. Further samples from the wealth of materials housed there are available online at the archive's home page.