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Oedipus Rex Production

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"I was in this production of 'Oedipus the King' which ran from April 23 through May 4, 1974. I still have the program from this production, as well as the review by Kevin Kelly from the Boston newspaper. His headline read: 'A Stunning 'Oedipus' at Brandeis.'

"I had the small, inconsequential role of one of 'The Children', but it was a privilege to be on the mainstage of Spingold as a sophomore theatre arts major. The production was directed by the late Charles Werner Moore, our beloved acting guru, and starred Ian McElhinney and Jack Axelrod (a guest artist-in-residence.)

"The costumes were quite unusual in that they made us all look like prehistoric cave dwellers. We were also all required to slather our entire bodies in a stage make-up called 'Texas dirt' which was this deep clay red paint that stayed on your skin long after the production ended!"

Elena Nierman Widder
Class of 1976, Theatre Arts

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