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Daumier and His World

Timeline Introduction

Honorť Daumier (1808-1879) was a French lithographer, painter, and sculptor who gained widespread fame for his social and political commentary on the monarchy, politicians, and the middle class.

Daumierís world of the 19th century was an exciting and sometimes dangerous world of revolutions not only in governments but in ways of living. The 19th century was a time of industrial revolutions, scientific advances and inventions which changed the way people lived. Wars were plentiful as nations fought to establish supremacy over people and territories. It was a time of contrasts, as the studied propriety of the Victorian Age competed with the sensuousness of Impressionism and romanticism, and as great wealth contrasted cruelly with the working poor. Daumier observed the changes happening in his native France, and left the world a record preserved in lithographs, paintings and sculptures.

Our timeline sets Daumierís life against major events in his native France and in the world. Much of Daumierís political works are commentary on the rulers and governing officials of France, but he was also concerned about developments outside of France, such as Britainís domination of Ireland. Daumierís non-political works document changes in society and lifestyles, such as the growing use of passenger railways and the invention of photography. Our timeline breaks out major events in the USA in order to give researchers a third perspective on the 19th century.

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