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Technical Information about The Daumier Project

At this time we are sending monthly shipments of approximately 250 lithographs to Boston Photo Imaging. We do an inhouse preservation assessment of each lithograph before it is sent out for digitizing. Technicians at Boston Photo Imaging photograph each lithograph and then create digital images from the film. By using this method, the lithograph is not exposed to the stress and handling of being placed on a flatbed scanner. When we own duplicate copies of a lithograph, the best copy is chosen and sent for digitizing. Each month Boston Photo Imaging returns the previous month’s lithographs along with three digital images for each lithograph:

  • Master (archive) images : 400 dpi 8 bit per pixel, grayscale OR 24 bit per pixel color. TIFF image, uncompressed, unsharpened
  • Access (reference/print) images : 800 pixels tall or wide (whichever is the long side), JPEG, JPEG compression 10:1 for grayscale, 15:1 for color. See example LD174
  • Thumbnail images : 150 pixels tall, JPEG, sharpened. See example LD378

The master TIFF images are stored for the short term on CDs. They will eventually be stored on their own storage server (a SNAP APPLIANCES, INC Snap Server 4100 (240GB)), which will be maintained and upgraded by the Libraries’ Information Systems staff. The reference and thumbnail images will be stored for short-term access on our web server; long-term storage will be on CDs.

We began cataloging the lithographs in January 2002, inputting the cataloging records directly into our ALEPH 500 (Ex Libris) online catalog. We are cataloging the collection in MARC21 with the addition of AAT (Art and Architecture Thesaurus) subject terms. We will be sending the cataloging records to Library Technologies Inc for authority control, and at the end of the project we will send the records for loading into the OCLC/Worldcat database. Linking of the digital images to the cataloging records has not yet begun. Searchable translations to the captions are also being added to the cataloging records.

Over the two-year project, this web site will grow as we add to both the searchable database of Daumier lithographs, and to a body of work about Daumier and his world, which will include essays, bibliographies, links to web resources, and a timeline. By the end of the two years we hope to have a web site that will be one of the leading resources for the study of Daumier and his art.

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