Public Printing

Public printers are available in the following locations:

  • Goldfarb Classroom: Dual-boot Macs
  • Farber Classroom: Dual-boot Macs
  • Goldfarb InfoCommons: PC and Macs
  • Shapiro Campus Center Library: Dual-boot Macs
  • Farber Cluster: Dual-boot Macs

Printing Costs

Copy type
Price per page

Single-sided, black-and-white


Double-sided, black-and-white


Single-sided, color


Double-sided, color


Brandeis WhoCash is the preferred method of payment and can be purchased online or in the Campus Card office in Kutz. WhoCash can be used for printing and photocopying in the Goldfarb Information Commons, the Shapiro Campus Center, Heller, and IBS.

For guests without WhoCash, there is one coin-operated Xerox machine that accepts both coins and bills on the first level of the Farber library. Guests must save the items that they would like to print on a flash drive as PDFs. The flash drive is then plugged directly into the coin-op machine and released using the Xerox interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Printing Instructions for Users with WhoCash

Using WhoCash to pay for printing is simple and easy.

  1. When you are ready to print, choose File/Print or press Ctrl + P or click on the Print button of your application.
  2. Choose the print options according to your need: number of copies, pages, pages per sheet, etc. and click OK when you are done. The printers print double-sided by default, but this may be changed using the Xerox features dropdown menu. In the InfoCommons, make sure to choose the correct printer: "LTS_X_BW" for black and white or "LTS_X_Color" for color.  
  3. When the popup appears, enter your Brandeis UNet username and a job name. If you have a WhoCard, but no Brandeis username, please type in the ID number on your card.  
  4. Swipe your card ad the card swipe located on the left of the Xerox printer.
  5. A list of printing jobs under your Username will appear. Make sure you have a valid balance on your card, then choose all the printing jobs you want to print.
  6. Remember to log out of the machine when you are done.
What is WhoCash?

WhoCash is the campus debit plan that can be used for purchases in all Dining Services locations, the University Bookstore, the University Copy Center, Cholmondeley's, Domenic's (IBS Bldg), and various laundry rooms in the residence halls. WhoCash is put onto your Brandeis ID card, also known as your WhoCard.

What are the benefits of using WhoCash to pay for printing and photocopying?

The advantages of WhoCash are that you can dine, shop, print, photocopy, and do your laundry around campus without carrying cash or an extra card to print and photocopy! The WhoCard is also more durable and less prone to error than the print/photocopy cards offered previously at the library.

Where and how can I refill my WhoCash?

Undergraduates, Graduates, Faculty, and Staff can purchase WhoCash by visiting the Campus Card Office in Kutz. Card Office staff require your ID number, and your debit plan will be made available to you immediately. You can also add money online with a credit card.

Which machines will use WhoCash?

Printers and photocopiers in the Goldfarb Main Library, the Shapiro Campus Center, Heller, and IBS will accept WhoCash.

I used to have, or still have, a departmentally sponsored OLD Conway copy card. Can I print or make copies for this department using WhoCash?

The department or office you work for can add value to your WhoCard by emailing They will need to provide a chargeline in the email. You will then receive a response once the WhoCash has been added to your WhoCard. In the meantime, there is a coin-operated machine in the Farber section of the Main Library for users without WhoCash.

Are there alternatives to photocopying and printing?
More and more people are starting to scan materials and read onscreen in lieu of printing or photocopying. This saves money and resources. In the Goldfarb InfoCommons, there are three digital senders that scan directly to email and two 11x17 flatbed scanners. The Science Library offers a scanner in the circulation area.