The Getz Multimedia Lab provides numerous services to the Brandeis community. These are outlined in detail below.

Lab Computers:

Our lab comprises two wings.  The West Wing is configured with 9 dual-screen iMac editing bays and is available for community use during all of our open hours.  The East Wing is configured as a classroom with 16 student iMac stations and 1 instructor iMac with HD projection and surround sound; this wing hosts multimedia classes and workshops, and is available for community use at all other times.   All of our iMacs run an identitical suite of professional creative software, including all apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud, Apple Logic Pro, and Autodesk Maya.  Please note that during peak hours (such as finals), priority is given to those requiring the use of our software.

One of our computers is a dedicated capture station for transfer of material from older sources such as miniDV tape and VHS.  This station is available for community use; faculty and staff may also request transfer services using our web form.

We have several MIDI keyboards and graphics tablets available for use within the lab.

All Brandeis community members can log into our workstations with their Brandeis ID. This will create a temporary workspace for media files, etc. To keep our computers running at peak performance, these workspaces are deleted at midnight every Sunday. You must move any important files to a secure location before then.

If you will be working on a long-term multimedia project, we can provide you with networked storage through our high-bandwidth EditShare server.  You can access this storage from any computer within the lab. 

We do have some external hard drives, flash drives, and DVD drives available for borrowing.  These are primarily available to help you transfer files from our computers; they circulate within the lab only and are not available for long-term loan.  For long-term storage, we recommend that you request space on our EditShare server or purchase your own storage device.

Recording Studio:

Complementing the lab's regular computers is our recording studio. This studio is located in a quiet room of the library and is outfitted with condenser and dynamic microphones, a multi-channel mixer, and a MIDI keyboard.  A MOTU interface connects these devices to a Mac computer, which can make recordings using Apple Logic, Adobe Audition/Premiere, or Audacity.

The recording studio is available to all members of the Brandeis community, and is most popularly used for voice-over recordings. You can reserve the recording studio using this form.

Note: while the recording studio is private and relatively quiet, it is not soundproof.

Equipment and Software Training:

We always have at least one staff member on-shift whenever the lab is open. They can help you with general support and troubleshooting on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if you require expert guidance or in-depth training on one of our supported software programs, you also can request a one-on-one (or group) appointment with our staff. You can also request an appointment if you require training in any of our supported equipment.

Equipment Loans:

The Getz Multimedia Lab also loans out audio/video production equipment to the Brandeis community. A Brandeis ID is required to borrow equipment. We offer two types of equipment: standard equipment, which is available to everyone, and high-end equipment, which requires certification before use.

Our standard equipment comprises audio recorders, video camcorders, tripods, and microphones. This equipment does not require any reservation or certification to use; just swing by the Getz during our regular hours and ask what we have available. You can use our standard equipment for just about everything: video projects for language classes, interviews, and music recording, for example.

Our high-end equipment is designed for people with large-scale projects, such as collaborative film productions. Patrons must be certified in advance of reserving this equipment. To reserve high-end equipment, please fill out this equipment request form (24 hours advance notice is required). If you have not been certified prior to filling out the form, we will contact you to schedule a training session.

All of our equipment circulates for 3 days unless otherwise stated. We do not generally loan items for more than a week. If you require equipment for the semester, please purchase your own (we typically order our equipment from B&H Photo/Video).

If you require more time to complete your project, fill out our renewal request form. If your request is approved, you will be informed of the new due date. Submission of this form does not guarantee that the item will be renewed. Unless you have received an email approving your request, fines will accrue on your account.  If you have accrued a fine that you wish to dispute, please e-mail us at

A complete listing of our equipment is available here.

Media Duplication:

The Getz Multimedia Lab offers media duplication services to faculty and staff; students may use our Mac capture station to duplicate material on their own. We offer the following conversions:

  • VHS (NTSC or PAL) to DVD or MP4
  • miniDV cassette
  • Audio cassette to CD or MP3

In the case of DVDs and CDs, we are able to provide one copy of each source for free.  If you require multiple copies, we generally ask that you provide your own blank CDs or DVDs.

We abide by the U.S. Copyright Office's fair use policy when considering all duplication requests.  Streaming media for courses must be hosted on our Ensemble Video server and linked from a LATTE course.  Though the Getz Lab can help you prepare short clips for class streaming, you must request streaming of full-length movies through your LATTE course.

  • Ripping of multiple VHS/DVD/Audio Cassettes onto a single DVD/CD (you must do this yourself; see below)

To submit a request for duplication, fill out this form and bring your media to the staff desk in the Getz Multimedia Lab. We will either complete the transfer or, in some cases, provide training on how you can perform the conversion yourself. Please allow at least two weeks lead time.