Equipment loans are granted under the assumption that Brandeis community members will return all components in good working condition. Fees for replacement or repair of components may be assessed if items are lost or damaged.  For more detailed information on our equipment policies, please see this page.

Standard Equipment

This equipment circulates routinely on a first-come first-served basis--no advance notice is needed and training is provided upon request.


Canon VIXIA HD memory-card camcorder
Canon ZR960 SD Tape camcorder


Microphone Zoom H2 Handy Recorder Handheld microphone, Good for interviews
Microphones Audio Technica ATR-35S Lavalier Microphone     Lapel mics, good for capturing individual speakers
Microphones Sony ECM-MS907 Shotgun Microphone Directional mics, good for capturing general sound, can be hooked directly into the camera

Misc. Equipment:

Tripod Sunpak Tripod    Camera stabilizer

Specialty Equipment

Specialty equipment requires training session and a request form to be filled out in advance.


Camera Sony HVR-A1U Professional HD video, records on DVCAM
Camera Canon EOS DSLR Professional 28 mp DSLR still camera with HD video qualities.
Cameras Panasonic DVC-30 Camcorder Standard definition, records on DVCAM
Camera  Panasonic HPX-170P Camcorder     High definition, records on DVCAM
Camera Panasonic DVX-100B Standard definition, records on DVCAM


microphones Rode Shotgun Microphone Professional quality audio, noise reduction
boom pole K-Tek Boom Pole Extendable, lightweight, measures 2.5 ft - 7.2 ft.
power supple Lectrosonics Wireless Lavalier Mic System Receiver and Transmitter for wireless audio recording
Zoom 4-track Zoom H4 4-Track Recorder

Stereo recorder for audio balancing control for microphones

Misc. Items:

tripod Bogen-Manfrotto Fluid-Head Tripod heavyduty and smooth pan
steadicamSteadicam  Merlin Steadicam

smooth and lighweight

also available (not shown):

Shoulder Mount stablization rig

lens Prime lenses

85mm, 50mm, 35mm, 28mm, 20mm, 16mm

For use with DSLR cameras

lights Lighting Kit 

Tungsten Halogen

Various accessories (gels, filters)

150W, 300W, 650W, 1000W