Equipment loans are granted under the assumption that Brandeis community members will return all components in good working condition. Fees for replacement or repair of components may be assessed if items are lost or damaged.

For detailed information on our equipment loan and usage policies, please see this page.

Standard Equipment

This equipment circulates routinely on a first-come first-served basis--no advance notice is needed and training is provided upon request.


Canon Vixia HD Camcorder (above)

Our most commonly-used camcorder, designed for quick-and-simple video shoots. Suitable for language projects, video interviews, and graduate research.


  • Shoots at resolutions of up to 1920x1080
  • Records to on-board digital memory or SD card
  • Supports relay recording
  • Built-in microphone
  • Includes charger

Canon PowerShot

Canon PowerShot Camera (above)

This point-and-shoot still photo camera is easy to use and shoots high-resolution still images. Great for basic photography projects, and also capable of recording HD video at 720P.


  • Shoots 16 megapixel photos
  • 35mm equivalent focal length: 28-140mm
  • Shoots HD video at 720P

Zoom H2

Zoom H2 Recorder (above)

This audio recorder is simple to use and is great for recording both voice and music.


  • Built-in microphone can record from two directions simultaneously, making it ideal for interviews
  • standard microphone and headphone jack (allows use of external microphones)
  • Capable of recording phone conversations if paired with an audio splitter
  • Includes headphones and charger

Microphone Kit

Microphone Kit (above)

The microphones in this kit are a big step up from using the built-in microphones of our audio recorders and camcorders. Use this kit for better control over your sound design.


  • Shotgun microphone for directional sound recording (two modes: wide and narrow)
  • Wired lav microphone
  • Includes lapel attachment (lav) and shoe mount (for shotgun)


Tripod (above)

A tripod is a must for any extended video shoot.


  • Quick-release plate for easy attachment to all of our equipment
  • Full tilt/turn control
  • Maximum height around 5 feet via telescoping legs
  • Specialty tripods are also available by request (see below)


Cables (above)

We offer the following cables:

  • Firewire (4-, 6-, 9-pin)
  • Audio (1/4", phono, XLR, splitters, adapters)
  • USB (male/male, male/female, miniUSB)
  • Video component/composite

We do not offer:

  • VGA/DVI/HDMI for PC/projector connections
  • iPhone/iPod connectors
  • Standalone chargers of any kind

Specialty Equipment

This equipment requires a training session and a reservation of at least 24 hours in advance.

Nikon D3100

Nikon D3100 DSLR (above)

This DSLR camera provides a lot of control over focus and exposure, and is best suited for shooting high-quality still images.


  • Detachable, manual focus lens (additional lenses available)
  • Includes charger

Canon EOS

Canon EOS DSLR (above)

This DSLR camera is excellent for recording HD video on high-speed SD cards. It is frequently requested for professional-grade film shoots.


  • Detachable, manual focus lens (additional lenses available)
  • Requires specialty microphone kit for audio recording
  • Includes extra battery pack and charger

Panasonic HPX

Panasonic HPX 170 (above)

The HPX is a high-end video camera that records HD video onto P2 media. Video shot with this camera must be captured using a special workstation in our lab.


  • Records to P2 media only
  • Has two XLR ports for external microphones
  • Includes extra battery pack and charger

Panasonic AF-100

Panasonic AF-100 (above)

This is our highest-end video camera, ideal for professional-grade film shoots.


  • Records to SD cards (class 10) only
  • Detachable, manual focus lens (additional lenses available)
  • Has two XLR ports for external microphones


LED Lighting Kit (above)

Our LED lighting kits are lighter and easier to use than halogen lights and do not get as warm, but their overall light output is smaller, rendering them less effective for ambient lighting.


  • Sizes: 75W, 125W
  • Can be combined with gels for different light temperatures
  • Includes tungsten filters

Halogen Lighting Kit

Halogen Lighting Kit (above)

Our halogen lighting kits are preferred for larger-scale set lighting, especially when ambient lighting is required.


  • Sizes: 150W, 300W, 650W, and 1000W
  • Can be combined with gels for different light temperatures
  • Includes gloves for proper handling (the lights will get very hot!)

Specialty Audio Kit

Specialty Audio Kit (above)

Our specialty audio kit includes several higher-end audio devices. These are a must for high-grade film shoots.


  • H4 audio recorder accepts dual-channel XLR inputs
  • Boom pole allows for better placement of microphones (either manually or with tripod)
  • Shotgun microphone records high quality sound while isolating ambient noise (can be combined with windscreens for outdoor shoots)
  • Includes high-quality headphones and XLR cable(s)

Lav Kit

Lavalier Wireless Microphone Kit (above)

This kit is a set of two wireless body microphones. Each microphone includes a transmitter and receiver.


  • Each microphone records to its own audio channel
  • High-grade wireless connection reduces latency
  • Includes batteries

Shoulder Mount

Shoulder Mount (above)

A shoulder mount provides camera stabilization in situations where tripods cannot be used or are undesirable.


  • Fully adjustable, body-strap (Pilot) and handheld (Merlin) versions available
  • Quick-release plate suits most cameras
  • Tried-and-true configurations for Merlin steadicam are listed here!