Network Upgrade, 2011-2012

Brandeis University is upgrading its campus network in 2011 and 2012 to address rapidly rising overall demand for network services, dramatic growth in the community’s use of the wireless network, energy efficiency, and aging network equipment. Significant enhancements to the campus wireless network will enable faculty and students to more easily work, learn, and teach anywhere on campus. The project also provides improved performance and resilience for the wired network, better energy efficiency, a faster connection from the campus to the Internet, and safeguards against network outages.  

Upgrades to the residence halls, which now offer high speed wireless networking exclusively, were completed in Summer 2011. Over the coming year, student buildings (including campus dining facilities and student centers), academic buildings, and administrative buildings will be upgraded to include high speed wireless and wired networks.  The network upgrades will be completed by Fall 2012.

For details about the Board of Trustees' approval of the project, visit BrandeisNOW.

Student Phones

The University no longer provides individual phones to students. Instead, wall-mounted phones are located throughout the residence halls for students to use in emergencies and for local calls. Additional information about this change is available.