CMS Phase 3: Implementation

Implementation of any CMS goes smoothly when planning and structure accompany the import procedure. Brandeis used the CMS Implementation phase to classify its websites into categories, and to establish a set of design guidelines to provide a foundation for site designs post-CMS adoption.

We asked ourselves many questions (and continue to do so as implementation rolls along), including what might seem as more philosophical (but very important) questions such as: 'what makes a website?', 'what is our overall web structure now, and what do we want it to be?', 'how can the CMS help impart a better structure to our entire web presence?' We did an inventory of all the php and javascript in use on our site, and asked 'what php and JS can the CMS - by virtue of its built-in templating system - eliminate?'

It was clear that some site structural changes would help get a site into the CMS (in terms of making it easier, later, on the content editor). Developing answers to these questions led us to develop import and creation procedures. We built an import 'script' - an illustrated step-by-step methodology for site preparation before using the import tool. We continue to refine and evaluate this procedure as we move forward.