CMS Phase 1: Users and Uses

In the Spring of 2005, we conducted research on our users (staff and faculty who publish or edit web pages at Brandeis) to provide a foundation for our work. This research included two focus groups, a web-based survey, and reviews of service requests. The purpose was twofold:

  1. Learn how staff and faculty publish content to websites at Brandeis;
  2. Gather ideas for improving the web publishing process at Brandeis.

We begin with a series of focus groups and inquiry sessions. One of the materials that helped determine how clients currently operate was a publishing worksheet:

Below are a report and slides summarizing our findings and recommendations.

Planning Documents

From the User needs summary WaLAS created a vision and scope document. This tracks high-level needs for the CMS project to accomplish. The Business Requirements is a more extensive narrative, outlining the problem statement, selection process, and project timeline.