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Listed below are you will find information about the governing committees tasked with decision-making duties and strategy development for Brandeis library and IT products and services. Some documents require Brandeis authentication (Brandeis username / password) for access and viewing.

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IT Governance

Steering Committee


Jim La Creta (chair), CIO
Marianne Cwalina, SVP Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Carolina Figueroa, Students and Enrollment
Neal Hampton, Music

Academic Subcommittee



Jane Ebert, IBS / Marketing
Ron Etlinger, Heller
Neal Hampton (chair), Music
Anne Marando, Rabb
Paul Miller, Biology
Peter Nash (staff to the committee), ITS
David Powelstock, GRALL
Leslie Zebrowitz, Psychology

Administrative Subcommittee



Tim Cross, Advancement Services
Marianne Cwalina (chair), SVP Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Sherri Drisdelle (staff to the committee), ITS
Carolina Figueroa, Students and Enrollment
Ken Freda (ex officio), Financial Systems
Audrey Griffin-Goode, Communications
Mark Hewitt, Registrar
Steve Locke (ex officio), Office of the General Counsel
Kelly Santos, Human Resources

Student Life Subcommittee


Steering Committee

The LATTE Steering Committee will inform the strategic development of LATTE by providing guidance and governance on a range of issues related to the LMS.  These issues include, but are not limited to, policies/procedures, configuration, access, prioritization and selection of new features/functionality, analytics, communications, documentation, training, and support. Read the full Committee Description.


The Committee will be co-chaired by Karen Muncaster, Vice President for the Rabb School, and Josh Wilson, Associate CIO for Academic Technology (LTS).  


The Committee will be composed of representatives from Arts & Sciences, the Heller School, IBS, and the Rabb School; staff from Library & Technology Services; a graduate student; and an undergraduate.  

Membership for 2015-16:  Rick Alterman, Chad Bergeron, Dawn Skorczewski, Ron Etlinger, Jim LaCreta, Jim Lambert, Adam Lipkin, Jennifer Livengood, Karen Muncaster, Brian Salerno, Emily Scharf, Rise Singer, Aimee Slater, Steve Van Hooser, Josh Wilson.

Meeting Highlights:

Meeting Highlights 11/11/15


Library Advisory Council


The Brandeis University Library Advisory Council is comprised of University faculty, staff, and graduate students, and serves to advise the University Librarian on a variety of strategic matters, including library services; the use and design of library facilities; open access and scholarly communication; instruction in information and digital literacies; development of the information resource budget; support of research and teaching; and building, and providing access to, our collections.

Meeting and contacting us

The Library Advisory Council meets twice a semester and considers an agenda developed from community feedback and the input of Council members and Library staff. We warmly invite feedback, suggestions, questions, or concerns from the Brandeis community on any aspect of library services, resources, or facilities.

Agendas and minutes from our meetings are available to members of the Brandeis University community. Interested community members are welcome to join a meeting of the Council, but should contact us first for confirmation.

To pose questions, give feedback, add an item to the Council agenda, or ask to attend the next Council meeting, contact Matthew Sheehy at

Current membership

Jason Bernard, IBS
Judith Eissenberg, Music
Hollie Harder, Romance and Comparative Literature
Melissa Kosinski-Collins, Biology
Dan Kryder, Politics
Marci McPhee, Ethics Center
Rowan Mayback, undergraduate student*
Laura Miller, Sociology
Dan Perlman, Biology, Provost’s Office
Tova Perlman, undergraduate student*
John Plotz, English
James Pustejovsky, Computer Science
Tareq Samman, graduate student, Heller
Rajesh Sampath, Heller
Barry Snider, Chemistry
Rebecca Torrey, Mathematics

Brandeis Library staff

Sylvia Fuks Fried, Brandeis Library, Brandeis University Press, Tauber Institute
Matthew Sheehy, Brandeis Library*
Sarah Shoemaker, Brandeis Library
* also serves on the Brandeis Undergraduate Library Council

Brandeis Undergraduate Library Council


The Brandeis Undergraduate Library Council advises the University Librarian on all matters related to library services, resources, communications, and facilities. By doing so, it helps ensure the relevance and usefulness of library services to Brandeis undergraduate students. Members also assist in promotion of library services and activities.


The Brandeis Undergraduate Library Council is chaired by the University Librarian. Twelve to sixteen student members are recruited with the goal of best representing the Brandeis undergraduate population and its academic interests. Additional library staff serve in an administrative capacity.

Meetings and Communication

The Brandeis Undergraduate Library Council meets once a month during the academic year; meetings are held at noon on Tuesday or Wednesday; and lunch is provided. Occasionally, conversation is continued between meetings using email. Members are expected to attend a minimum of two meetings per semester.

Who May Apply / Online Application From

Any enrolled Brandeis undergraduate is welcome to apply; new members are generally recruited in August, but some new members may occasionally be added during the academic year. Apply by filling out the online application form.

Contact us

For more information, to ask questions, or to suggest agenda topics for the Brandeis Library Student Council, contact Matthew Sheehy at sheehy@brandeis.eduamp;#160;or email the full council at

2016 - 2017 Meeting Dates

All meetings are Noon - 1:30 PM, Gardner Jackson Room, Goldfarb Library mezzanine.

Fall Semester 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Spring Semester 2017

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2016 - 2017 Brandeis LIbrary Student Council Members

Student Members


Marcelo Brociner
Alec Hoyland
Melissa Huang
Ariana Keigan
Eon Kim
Matthew Manning
Rowan Mayback* 
Alexander Mitchell
Halimo Mohamed 
Tova Perlman* 
Christof Rindlisbacher
Yan Shneyderman
Alona Weimer

Library Staff

Matthew Sheehy, Interim University Librarian, Chair*
Jennifer H. Giordano, User Experience & Assessment Librarian

* also serves on the Library Advisory Council