IT GovernanceAt Brandeis University, we understand that information technology is infrastructure, and that infrastructure is a common good, so campus IT should be subject to some kind of shared governance. To that end, we have developed a system for having campus-wide conversations about our collective priorities and investments in IT infrastructure, services, and policy, and that system is referred to as IT Governance. With rapidly expanding possibilities come increasingly difficult choices about how best to use technology in support of academic and administrative goals of our university: one of the most important functions of IT governance is to provide guidance on those choices.

The following IT Governance documentation was last reviewed by the Faculty Senate and the Integrated Planning and Budget Committee in Spring 2013:

Propose a Project or Define a Problem

If you are a Brandeis community member and would like to propose a project or define a problem that involves an important technology component, please fill out the:

Within a week, an LTS project manager will contact you to confirm receipt of the proposal and to begin the conversation about developing a Project Petition.

Proposals are reviewed throughout the year, in the order in which they are submitted. If it seems likely that a proposed project will require new resources, the Project Proposal Form should be submitted by September 1 in order to be considered for funding and implementation in the following fiscal year.

Please note:

  • Proposals will benefit from consultative development, so do submit them as soon as possible.
  • A proposed project may be exempt from IT Governance if it requires no new resources, can be done without LTS assistance, and doesn't interface with any University systems; it may still need to be discussed for reasons of policy.
  • If a proposed project would be grant funded, do not fill out this form, but instead begin by emailing a brief description to
  • We welcome proposals that pilot a product or solution that may scale to a larger audience at a later date.  ITG process will consider helping fund pilot projects in exchange for shared data from the pilot.
  • We also accept submissions that define important problems without precise solutions; we will work to help identify solutions where possible.

More Information

Any questions or comments about the IT Governance process at Brandeis may be answered in this FAQ, or may be directed to ITG stewards, Lindsay Barton and Dave Wedaman.

Other resources are available from EDUCAUSE and the Higher Ed CIO.