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Web Conferencing

Library & Technology Services offers an easy-to-use, versatile solution called Blue Jeans to help you communicate and collaborate with colleagues and peers across campus or across the world. Web conferencing allows people to meet in virtual meeting rooms, while reducing the cost and hassle of travel.  

What are Blue Jeans' key features?

  • Up to 100 participants per meeting room
  • Record your meetings
  • Join meetings via web browser, mobile app (iOS and Android), telephone, in-room video conference system (h.323), and many more methods
  • Participants do not need accounts to join a meeting (only hosts/moderators need accounts)
  • Screen sharing for presentations and collaboration
  • HD video (up to 720p, depending on camera/computer equipment)
  • Browser plug-in for Firefox and Safari for easy Google calendar scheduling 

 What might I use this service for?

  • Faculty office hours
  • Interdepartmental meetings
  • Guest speakers/lectures
  • Job interviews
  • Student project collaboration
  • Conference calling

How do I get an account? 

This service is open to the entire Brandeis community. To obtain a personal meeting room, visit brandeis.bluejeans.com. Log in with your Unet credentials and you will automatically be assigned a personal meeting room.  For help getting started, please email webconferencing@brandeis.edu.

How can I learn more?

Additional information and video tutorials can be found at bluejeans.com/for/brandeis-and-bluejeans.

Links to a few useful articles are listed below:

Important Announcements: 

Google Chrome Web Browser Update:
In an upcoming version of the Chrome browser, Google is expected to make changes that will disable plug-ins like Blue Jeans. We don't yet know precisely when this will occur, but it could be as soon as April 1, 2015. While Google will provide an override for advanced users (via an "enable-npapi" flag) and enterprises (via Enterprise Policy) to temporarily re-enable NPAPI plug-ins like Blue Jeans, all users will ultimately need to migrate to one of these alternatives:

-Use Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. Current versions of these browsers will continue to support the Blue Jeans plug-in.

-Try the New Blue Jeans App (not yet available). Blue Jeans is currently working on a stand-alone application for Mac and Windows. Instead of running inside a web browser, the Blue Jeans app installs and runs like any other program. The Blue Jeans app will be generally available no later than the date when Google disables plug-ins in Chrome.

Genesys Teleconferencing Update: Brandeis will phase out support of the Genesys telephone-based conference calling service in Fall, 2014. Genesys users are invited to use BlueJeans for their conferencing needs.  Instructions on using BlueJeans for teleconferencing are located here.