Find and Submit Assignments

Finding Your Assignments

If your professor has posted an assignment on the course web page, the assignment will appear with an icon next to it that looks like this:  

Step 1: To access the assignment, click on the name of the assignment (to the right of the above icon). You should then be taken to the main assignment page. Alternatively, you can click on the "Assignments" link underneath the Activities block of the course homepage and find the name of the assignment in the list that appears.

Step 2: On the assignment page, you will find:

  • a short description of the assignment
  • the day the assignment becomes available
  • the due date of the assignment

Step 3: If the professor has created a file for you to download as a part of the assignment, a file will be available below the due date. Click on the link to download the assignment. Open the file with the appropriate program suggested by your computer.


Responding to Assignments

Unless your professor has specified otherwise, you can use any type of file to respond to an assignment (such as a Word document, PDF, etc.). Create your assignment in the appropriate format and be sure to save your changes.


Uploading Assignments

Step 1: When you have finished creating your assignment on your computer, visit the assignment page again.

Step 2: Below the due date for the assignment is the area to upload a file. To upload your response, click the "Browse" button.

Step 3: Select your completed assignment from where it is located on your computer and then click the "Upload this file" button. Your response will be uploaded and its name will appear on the assignment page.


Advanced Uploading of Files

Deleting Drafts: For Advanced Uploading of Files assignments, if you wish to remove or replace an uploaded file, click the red X that appears to the right of the document name. When prompted, select "Yes" to finish deleting the file.

Submitting Final Drafts: For Advanced Uploading of Files assignments, if you feel that you have completed work on your files, you may submit them for grading as final drafts by clicking the "Send for marking" button toward the bottom of the page, below the "Final submission for assignment marking" heading. (If this button does not appear, it is because your instructor has disabled this feature.)

You will be notified that once you submit for marking, you will no longer be able to upload or delete files for this assignment. If you are sure you wish to continue, click "Yes."


Retrieving Instructor Commented Assignments

When reviewing Advanced Uploading of Files assignments, instructors may download a copy of a student's file, make comments within the document itself, and upload this commented document to LATTE for the student to download. Retrieving these commented documents is simple.

Step 1: Click on the assignment in its module.

Step 2: The instructor's general comments and the commented files should appear under "Submission feedback" on the assignment page.

Step 3: Click on the commented document.

Step 4: Proceed as you normally do when opening an attachment.