Add a Video to your Course

It’s easier than ever to have videos added to your LATTE courses. You must be an instructor to request a video for your course through LATTE. Just log into LATTE and choose the course you would like to have a video added to:

1.   Click the button in the upper right of your page to “Turn Editing On”

2.   Select “LATTE Videos” from the Blocks drop-down menu:

3.   You’ve just added the LATTE Videos block to the right hand column of your course page.  Click the link to “Add a Video”

4.   Use the Streaming Media Request form to give us some information about the video. The film’s title, year, and the name of the director are required; we also ask that you enter the date you’ve assigned the video for class.  If the film is in a foreign language, be sure to let us know which language you’d like for subtitles (default is none). There are also some optional fields you can use to provide additional information that may help us to speed the processing time of your request.

5.   You should receive an e-mail confirming that your request has been received. If you’d like to request another movie for the same course, there’s a link you can click to quickly return to the online form.

6.   You’ll receive another e-mail when your video is ready, and you’ll see it in the LATTE Videos block on your course page.

7.   You can use the “show” or “hide” links to choose which videos you’d like your students to see when they log into your course.

8.   After you start using the LATTE Videos block to request your videos, the Request History link will allow you to see a complete list of videos you’ve requested for all of your courses.  This will make it easy for you to reuse videos in a future course!

In addition you can also change the order of your LATTE videos in the block. Instructions can be found here: