Upload your Syllabus

This feature in LATTE allows all Brandeis students to browse uploaded syllabi associated with participating Brandeis courses.  The instructor of the course decides whether to make his or her syllabus available to the Brandeis community.

Starting in mid-February 2013, instructors will have the additional option of making a course syllabus public via the Brandeis Registrar's Schedule of Classes interface.

If you want to share your syllabus only with the students registered in the class, follow these instructions to upload and share a file with the class.

Sharing Your Syllabus with the Brandeis Community

 Step 1: Select the course you are teaching from the MyLATTE page.

 Step 2: Click the "Upload Course Syllabus" link in the LATTE Course Tools block on the left side of your course homepage.

Step 3: Browse for your file on your computer, and click the "Open" to select the appropriate file.

Step 4: Click the "Upload" button to upload the syllabus for browsing.

Sharing Your Syllabus Publicly Through the Registrar's Schedule of Classes

Step 1: If you have yet to do so, first follow the instructions for sharing your syllabus with the Brandeis community (above).

Step 2: The "Make Course Syllabus Public" link will appear in your course. Click on the "Make Course Syllabus Public" link.  The course syllabus will then be available for download via the Brandeis Registrar's Schedule of Classes interface.

After you make a syllabus public, the "Make Course Syllabus Private" link will appear. If, at any time, you want to remove the public link on the Registrar's Schedule of Classes, you can click on the "Make Course Syllabus Private" link.

Updating Your Syllabus

You can update your loaded syllabus by following the same steps as above. The new syllabus you upload will replace the previous version you uploaded.

Browse Other Brandeis Syllabi

If you want to see all currently uploaded syllabi, click on the "Browse Course Syllabi" link in the LATTE Resources block on your MyLATTE page.