Quiz Your Students

 How to create a Quiz

Note that you add questions to the quiz after creating the activity.

Step 1: From the course homepage, click the "Turn Editing On" button on the upper right-hand side of your course homepage. 

Step 2: Click Add an Activity or Resource option in the section of the course outline you want to add the activity.

Step 3: From the box that appears select Quiz.

Step 4: Here you can edit your quiz.  Give it a title and description if necessary.

Step 5: Next you can set up time limits for the quiz as well as specify how many times people may take it.

Step 6: When you are finished creating/editing your quiz, click Save and return to course.

How to Add Questions to a Quiz

Step 1: Display the quiz by clicking on it in the course homepage.

Step 2: The first time you display your quiz (before you have added any questions), you will see the following page:

Step 3: Begin adding questions by selecting Edit quiz. Select a question type by clicking on  Add a question...

Step 4: A box will appear allowing you to choose which type of question you would like to create.


Step 4: Enter a name for the question (this will help you identify the question when looking at a list of your questions) and the question text.

Step 5: Supply answers (and sub questions as the question type requires)

Step 6: Click Save changes to return to the Editing Quiz

Step 7: Check the box next to the question under the Action column, then click the "< Add to quiz" button under With selected: to add the questions to the quiz. They will now appear in the Questions in this quiz panel on the Quiz page.

Step 8: Repeat Steps 3-7 to continue adding questions. You can also add questions to the quiz in batches by adding them to the question bank (Steps 3-6) then selecting multiple questions at one time (by checking the boxes under the Action column) and clicking the Add to quiz button.

Step 9: Once you have added all of your questions to the quiz, you can preview it by clicking the Preview tab.

Step 10: When you are satisfied with the quiz, return to the course page.

How to view Quiz responses

Step 1: Click on the quiz that you would like to view on the course page.

Step 2: Click on the Attempts (#) button in order to see a summary of the responses

Step 3: You will see a summary of the responses that students had for the quiz as well as the average grades and some other useful information
Step 4: You can make changes to students' answers or grades by clicking the Review attempt button under a student's name.

There are many more options that you can edit in order to create a quiz that fits your needs. If you have further questions about using the Quiz activity please contact LATTE Help at latte@brandeis.edu, x6LTTE (x65883) or 781-736-5883.