Access and Format Your Photo Roster

The LATTE Photo Roster is a popular and useful tool for instructors. Although it is not designed to be printed out, many instructors like to take their photo roster into class. Using your web browser to print the page will often cut off some of the names or pictures. To format your roster for printing, we recommend you follow these instructions:

Step 1: Enter the Photo Roster in LATTE.

Step 2: With your mouse, drag and select all of the photos, names, and emails, then choose “Copy” from your browser’s Edit menu.

Step 3: Open a new Word document and Paste what you copied (Word may take a moment to Paste as you have copied a considerable amount of information). You will likely get a single column of photos and names.

Step 4: We recommend using the Landscape page orientation; however, if you prefer, you can keep the default Portrait orientation. To switch to Landscape, click File > Page Setup and select Landscape under Orientation; otherwise, continue directly to step 5.

Step 5: Use Ctrl+A or Edit > Select All to select all of the images and text you just pasted.

Step 6: In Word’s Format menu select “Columns” to create columns. We recommend 4 columns for Landscape and 3 columns for Portrait.

Step 7: To best replicate the Photo Roster, we recommend using Center Alignment. With all images and text selected, click the Center button on your toolbar.

Step 8: You can make other changes (font, font size, column width and spacing, etc.) to make the document suit your needs. If longer student names are taking up two lines, this can disrupt the horizontal alignment. To fix this, Select All and make the font size smaller. In Times New Roman, size 11 should usually fix this problem.

Step 9: Print the Word document containing you formatted Photo Roster.

Note: Your students will be listed alphabetically down the first column, then the second, and so on, unlike the LATTE Photo Roster which lists them horizontally across the page.