Edit Your Course

Entering Edit Mode

To add content to your course, you'll first need to turn on the Edit Mode. Click the "Turn editing on" button near the top right of the screen. Click on this link gives you the ability to add resources (readings and course materials, etc.), activities (assignments and forums, etc), and custom blocks.

course is visible- This activity, resource, or topic is currently visible to students.
This is not visible to students- This activity, resource, or topic is currently not visible to students.
Rename your activity- Rename this activity or resource.
Move activity to the left- Move activity or resource to the left.
Move activity to the right- Move activity of resource to the right (indent).
duplicate icon - Duplicate (copy) resource or activity.
Move activity anywhere on your course page- Allows you to move the activity, resource, or block up or down on the page.
Delete this activity- This deletes the activity or resource from the course page.
Assign groups- Specifies that the assignment is using groups.  Click to change group type for the course (No Groups, Separate Groups, or Visible Groups).
Assign roles for this activity- Allows you to assign roles to people in the course for a specific activity or resource.
Marks this module as current- Marks this topic as the current topic.  When the light bulb is off, the topic is not marked.