Create Online Assignments

The "Assignment" activity in LATTE allows students an easy way to upload and submit a file or files for grading. Instructors can also create offline assignments to remind students of assignments outside of LATTE.  When an instructor creates any type of assignment, a column to grade the assignment is created in the Gradebook.

How to Create an Assignment

Step 1: From the course homepage, click the "Turn Editing On" button on the upper left-hand side of your course homepage. 

Step 2:  Click the Add an Activity or Resource option in the section of the course outline you want to add the assignment.

Step 3: From the menu that appears, select Assignment and click Add.

Step 4: The Assignment settings page will open. Type a name for the item (and a description or summary if desired).

  • Maximum number of uploaded files - Allows students to upload more than one file per assignment. Also, instructors can use this to submit written feedback to the student by uploading a file themselves.
  • Online text - Students write directly within LATTE, or can copy and paste from a document.
  • Offline grading worksheet - Students submit work outside of LATTE, but a a column for grading that activity is created in the course's gradebook.

Step 5: Give the assignment a due date and change any other settings to your preferences. Then click Save and return to course.