New LATTE Events

In addition to offering documentation, LTS is offering basic and advanced workshops to introduce faculty to LATTE.
Please scroll down to learn more about these sessions, and to RSVP (sign up for a workshop) if you are able to attend.

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LATTE overview sessions

A basic one hour overview workshop highlights the most important features in LATTE and introduces faculty to some of the improvements that have been made to this updated version of our Learning and Teaching Technology Environment

Several other advanced workshops are also being offered. A one hour-long session explores all of the tools or activities available in LATTE; another focuses on using the Moodle gradebook; and we will also hold workshops on using multimedia in LATTE later in the semester.

Unless otherwise noted, LATTE Workshops will be held in the Vershbow Computer Classroom, on the Mezzanine level (2nd floor) of the Goldfarb Library.

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Quotes and Notes:

"Well, I thought that was going to be a huge waste of time,
it wasn't."

 Alwina Bennett

"That was really helpful!"
Education faculty member

"Thank you, that was almost fun!"
Professor from the Music Department

"Very Useful."
Physics faculty