Known Issues

The LATTE support team has identified these significant issues with the LATTE system in conjunction with our user community. LATTE support will periodically update this list as new issues are identified and older issues resolved. Where possible, work-arounds are available.

Dropped students are still in course's Gradebook and assignments

Students who have dropped a class are still listed in the LATTE course's Gradebook and in assignment grading pages. This is related to how LATTE attempts to retain the work of all students who were ever enrolled in the course, even if they have since dropped it.  The LATTE support team has identified the cause and is actively working on resolving this issue.  Upon request by the instructor, the student's can be removed from the Gradebook and assignment listings by emailing with the affected course name and course code.

New grading screen presents a blank screen

With the August 2016 updates to LATTE a new grading screen was introduced, along with the ability to annotate and grade student submissions right in LATTE without having to download the documents first. At this time, however, this feature only works with PDF documents at this time. LTS intends to expand this capability to cover all document types in January 2017. Until then the grading screen will show a blank area on the left. Documents can still be downloaded for review, individually or in bulk.