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Known Issues

The LATTE support team has identified these significant issues with the LATTE system in conjunction with our user community. LATTE support will periodically update this list as new issues are identified and older issues resolved. Where possible, work-arounds are available.


Written assignment feedback to students cut off

When instructors grade an assignment and include written feedback comments, the student is only able to see the first sentence or so of the comments before it is cut off, and "..." replaces the other text.  An icon is currently missing that indicates students can "expand" the comments and read fully.

One work-around for the student to read the full comments is to click the "Grades" link in the LATTE Course Tools block in the course. Another work around is for the student to hover their mouse over the upper left-hand corner of the box where the comments are written, finding where the hidden link to  is located; clicking on that hidden link will expand the comments.  A quick overview of these work arounds is available in this video: http://www.screencast.com/t/okhSziwksO

Dropped students are still in course's Gradebook and assignments

Students who have dropped a class are still listed in the LATTE course's Gradebook and in assignment grading pages. This is related to how New LATTE attempts to retain the work of all students who were ever enrolled in the course, even if they have since dropped it.  In February 2014, the LATTE support team identified the cause and is actively working on resolving this issue.  Upon request by the instructor, the student's can be removed from the Gradebook and assignment listings by emailing latte@brandeis.edu with the affected course name and course code.