About New LATTE

New LATTE is an update to the learning management system (LMS) used by the Brandeis University community. LATTE is based on the Moodle open-source platform. In preparation for the Spring 2014 semester, LATTE will be upgraded to Moodle's latest platform.

Library & Technology Services is updating LATTE for many reasons, including:

  • Offering new and better features and functionality to faculty and students
  • Updating the user experience of LATTE with a new look and feel
  • Having future opportunities to expand LATTE's integration with other online services

Frequently Asked Questions

How will New LATTE compare to the current version?

New LATTE will retain the capabilities of the previous version, in addition to new features that will make LATTE better to use. New LATTE will continually be developed and improved by the larger Moodle community and Library & Technology Services after its launch.

When will New LATTE be available?

New LATTE's launch will be scheduled in advance of the Spring 2014 semester, giving faculty and administrators time to develop classes and to become familiar with LATTE through workshops, online tutorials, and documentation. Expect New LATTE to be available to faculty and administrators in early November 2013, allowing time to prep for the Spring 2014 courses. Students will start using New LATTE at the start of the semester in January 2014.

What will happen to the current LATTE (Legacy LATTE)?

The legacy version of LATTE -- and the old courses and course contents within -- will continue to be available for three to four years after the launch of New LATTE. This will give faculty and administrators time to move materials from the old LATTE to New LATTE before the old courses are archived and the older version of LATTE is taken offline.

Can I continue to use the current LATTE (Legacy LATTE) instead of New LATTE?

Beginning in the Spring 2014 semester, all regular, for-credit courses will be available only on the new LATTE system. After the launch of New LATTE, Library & Technology Services will work with the administrators of special courses (such as those used for placement tests) to transition these courses over to New LATTE.

What will happen to my courses in current LATTE (Legacy LATTE)? Can I still have access to them and my course materials?

The old LATTE system will still be online for three to four years after the launch of New LATTE. During this time, the process of archiving the oldest semesters will take place as usual. When all of the previous semesters are archived via the archiving process, and any active special courses are transitioned to the new system, Old LATTE will be retired and taken offline.

What workshops will be available for me to learn New LATTE?

Library & Technology Services will offer a number of workshops in Fall 2013 in preparation for the launch of New LATTE. Additionally, documentation for the most commonly used features of LATTE will be online in October 2013. Longtime users of LATTE may find that most of New LATTE's capabilities will be familiar, and a simple review of the improved features will be enough to get started.

Visit the New LATTE Events page for workshop dates and times.

Can I get a preview of New LATTE?

Library & Technology Services plans to host a number of open houses and workshops in Fall 2013 to demo New LATTE and answer questions from the Brandeis community.

Visit the New LATTE Events page for open house dates and times.

What support will be available for New LATTE?

The Technology Help Desk is available assist you with New LATTE. As needed, the Technology Help Desk will bring support issues to the full-time LATTE support team.