Shiffman 219: Screening Room

Reserving Shiffman 219:

  • Since 219 is also utilized as a classroom, the best method for reservation is to contact the registrar's office to inquire about available time in the space.
  • Optionally, the community can contact MTS: Email, or 781-736-4632
  • Please make requests at least two weeks before you need the room.
  • Preference is given to instructors in need of Shiffman 219's specific features and time blocks.
  • Shiffman 219 may be reserved for any academic department in need of screening time and space. 
    • It is usually reserved for extended class sessions with groups of fewer than 80 attendees. These sessions are often held for extended screenings of longer running, class-related videos.
  • If not booked for a screening, the room is available for other functions.


  • (1) 4000+ lumen high resolution data projector
  • (1) BluRay player
  • (1) Windows-based, Instructor PC
  • (1) Each: HDMI and VGA connection points (users should provide own adapters)
  • (1) Set of analog video inputs for legacy equipment connectivity
  • (1) 5.1 surround sound audio system
  • (1) Instructor Cart, housing playback equipment and a touch panel control system


  • Getting started: view the technology guide for Shiffman 219.
  • For additional assistance, contact MTS (781-736-4632).

Please have your class or group clean up after itself. THANKS