Academic Integrity at Brandeis University

As stated in Brandeis University's mission statement, "the University that carries the name of the justice who stood for the rights of individuals must be distinguished by academic excellence, by truth pursued wherever it may lead, and by awareness of the power and responsibilities that come with knowledge."

Every member of the Brandeis University community is expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. A student is required to submit work that is the result of the student's own effort. The purpose of this web site is to provide education about issues of academic integrity, as well as related resources for students and faculty.


Faculty resources

Top Ten Ways to Promote Academic Integrity: A Guide for Brandeis Faculty

Center for Academic Integrity
Key organization dedicated to issues of academic integrity in educational institutions. Brandeis is a member.

Plagiarism Resource Site (University of Virginia)
Goal of this site is to reduce plagiarism in educational settings. Includes free software for detecting plagiarism.

CBB Plagiarism Resource Site
A joint effort by Colby, Bates and Bowdoin (CBB) to discourage student plagiarism. Includes news items.

Faculty Guide to Cyber-Plagiarism (University of Alberta)

Cheating 101: Paper Mills and You

Brandeis University Academic Dishonesty Referral Form

Student resources

Top Ten Ways to Promote Academic Integrity: A Guide for Brandeis Students

Inside Integrity: A Guide to Academic Integrity for Brandeis Students

Student Enrichment Services

Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism (Northwest Missouri State University)

Quoting and Paraphrasing Sources (University of Wisconsin)

Citing Your Sources



You Quote It, You Note It! is an interactive tutorial designed to teach students the basics of avoiding plagiarism by learning why, when, and how to cite information sources. (Acadia University)

What is Plagiarism (Indiana University)

College Quiz (Empire State)

Xtreme Plagiarism (Northwest Missouri State University)
Tutorial for learning how to recognize, avoid, and prevent plagiarism.

Plagiarism Court: You Be the Judge (Fairfield University)

Library & Technology Services and Support

Library & Technology Services (LTS) offers a twofold approach in support of academic integrity:

  • student education on how to avoid plagiarism through proper citation of sources
  • faculty education on how to identify sources where plagiarism is suspected
LTS offers the following services:
  • discussions of avoiding plagiarism and the proper use of citations in both first year and upper level library instruction sessions
  • maintaining a web page on Citing Your Sources
  • offering workshops on Endnote and other citation software
  • providing assistance in searching Google and some of the library subscription full text databases, such as Academic Search Premier, when plagiarism is suspected

For assistance from a librarian, call 781-736-4670 or contact us by Email.

Other campus resources

Writing Center

Student Enrichment Services

Student Development & Conduct (Division of Student Life)

Selected Boston Library Consortium Sites


Northeastern University

Williams College

Boston University
Plagiarism detection.

Guide prepared by

Ralph Szymczak