Classroom Technology

Media Technology Services provides support for classroom & conference room technology across the Brandeis campus.

Need immediate assistance? Contact MTS at 781-736-4632

To view technology guides, find the building from the list below and click on your classroom/conference room (this is an alphabetical list of rooms by building name).

  • If you do not see your room listed or need more information, contact John Pizzi  781-736-4450, Tim O'Neil 781-736-4429, or the MTS technology emergency line, 781-736-4632.

A copy of room-specific technology instructions is located in each room at the Instructor or Lecturer location. In cases where access codes are required, users are sent those codes individually after proper training or authorization.

Training can be provided in our technology-enhanced rooms to groups or individuals, and is strongly recommended!

Connecting laptops can be tricky. View the Laptop Quick Start Guide for help connecting your laptop.

Abelson (Location on Map)

Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex [ASAC] (Location on Map)

Bassine (Location on Map)

Bernstein-Marcus Building (Location on Map)

Bolli @ Turner St. (Location on Map)

Brown (Location on Map)

Farber Library (Location on Map)

Feldberg Communications Building (Location on Map)

  • Feldberg 101 Small Conference Room - pending
  • Feldberg 115 Main Conference Room - pending

Gerstenzang [G-zang] (Location on Map)

Goldfarb Library (Location on Map)

Golding (Location on Map)

Goldman-Schwartz (Location on Map)

Goldsmith (Location on Map)

Gosman Athletic Center (Location on Map)

  • Napoli Room - coming soon

Hassenfeld Conference Center (Location on Map)

Heller - Brown (Location on Map)

Heller - Schneider  (Location on Map)

Intercultural Center [ICC] (Location on Map)

  • ICC 103
  • ICC Student Lounge - pending
  • ICC Multipurpose Rm - pending

Irving (Location on Map)

Kutz (Location on Map)

  • Kutz 102 Conference Room - pending
  • Kutz 130
  • Kutz 132
  • Kutz Graduate Lounge - pending

Lown (Location on Map)

Mandel (Location on Map)

Old South Street [RABB-GPS, SUMMER SCHOOL] (Location on Map)

Olin-Sang (Location on Map)

Pearlman (Location on Map)

Pollack (Location on Map)

Rabb (Location on Map)

  • Rabb 119
  • Rabb 203 - coming soon
  • Rabb 333 - coming soon
  • Rabb 338 - coming soon
  • Rabb 345

Rosenstiel (Location on Map)


Ridgewood (Reinharz) Community (Location on Map)

  • Ridgewood A - pending
  • Ridgewood B - pending
  • Ridgewood C - pending

Schwartz (Location on Map)

Shapiro Admissions Building(Location on Map)

  • Presentation Rm 101: pending
  • Conference Rm 231: pending

Shapiro Science Center (SSC) - [phase one] (Location on Map)

  • Multiple centers for instruction - in development
  • SSC GL-14
  • SSC LL-16
  • SSC Lab - Biology Teaching Lab 10A: pending
  • SSC Lab - Biology Teaching Lab 10B: pending
  • SSC Lab - Biology Teaching Lab 10C: pending
  • SSC Lab - Biology Teaching Lab 11: pending
  • SSC Lab - General Chemistry: pending
  • SSC Lab - Honors Chemistry: pending
  • SSC Lab - Organic Chemistry: pending
  • SSC Lab - Synthetic Chemistry: pending
  • SSC Lab - Physical Chemistry: pending
  • SSC Seminar 1-09/2-09
  • SSC Seminar 3-37
  • SSC Seminar Ros-Kos 02
  • SSC 1-07: pending
  • SSC 0-10: pending

Shiffman (Location on Map)

Slosberg (Location on Map)

Spingold (Location on Map)

  • Spingold 104 - coming soon
  • Spingold 111
  • Spingold: Merrick Theater

Usdan Student Center (Location on Map)

  • Alumni Lounge: pending
  • International Lounge: pending
  • Levin Ballroom: pending


Village Tower B (Location on Map)

  • Tower B Conference Room


Volen (Location on Map)