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Technology Announcements

Recently Brandeis University has made enterprise Box.com accounts available to the Brandeis community. In preparation for providing managed Brandeis Box accounts, we have discovered that your current personal Box account is associated with your @brandeis.edu email address. This message is to notify you that this account will be converted to a managed Box account under Brandeis University on August 13th. This change will not cause any data loss, alter your permission settings, or affect the folder structure of your content. However, it will give you access to several important features that are not available to personal Box account users:

  • Single Sign On with other Brandeis provided services
  • Larger storage quota (75 GB is the default quota for Brandeis accounts)
  • Password protected sharing
  • Faster uploads
  • Detailed version history

If you would like to join the Brandeis University’s Box account as a managed user, either take no action or reply to Raphael Fennimore (rdf@brandeis.edu) with “confirmed” in the message body.

If you currently have any content within your Box account that you would like to remove or transfer to a personal Box account, please do so by August 12th.  

Options to remove or transfer to a personal Box account:

  • Recommended: Change your current Box primary email address from a @brandeis.edu to a personal address. Instructions.
  • Option 2: Open a new personal Box account with a personal email address and invite this personal account into your @brandeis.edu account folders that you’d like to migrate. Promote your personal Box account to be the folder owner and remove your @brandeis.edu as  a collaborator from the folder(s)
  • Option 3: Use a third party service such as Mover to transfer content from one Box account to another

Please contact Raphael Fennimore (rdf@brandeis.edu) if you have any questions or issues. You may also verify this message by contacting Raphael at the email address above.

Michael Corn and Josh Wilson
Library and Technology Services
Brandeis University