Proxy Cards

Proxy accounts for faculty assistants are a convenience offered by the library to current Brandeis University faculty and administrators only. The faculty member or administrator must submit a proxy card authorization

Once the faculty member or administrator establishes a library account, s/he may request a supply of proxy cards to issue to his/ her research assistants as s/he feels necessary, with the following in mind:

  • The faculty/administrator is responsible for all items borrowed on his/her account, including but not limited to renewal, return and replacement of the materials.
  • The proxy must have a valid Brandeis ID or library borrower's card, which must be presented before any materials can be checked out.
  • The professor has an obligation to notify the library if the researcher's status changes during the school year.
  • All proxy cards must have expiration dates.
  • Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service for the checkout of interlibrary loan materials.

Researchers to whom the proxy cards are issued must obey the following rules:

  • The card is for the convenience of the faculty member and not for personal use of the proxy.
  • Proxies are required to inform the library of changes to their status and contact information.

Proxy card records will be reviewed each semester and declared inactive as necessary. The cards are housed at the library and are only valid when a current Brandeis ID or library card is provided during checkout. Proxy cards do not have to be submitted in person by the professor. However, any card submitted by a researcher will not be available for immediate use until its validity is first verified by telephone with the professor.