Loaner Equipment Policies

Renewals: Loaner equipment borrowed from the Information & Borrowing desk is eligible for two renewals provided we have the same item available. Borrowers must come to the desk with the item to request a renewal. If the renewal request cannot be granted, borrowers must return it and wait one hour before checking one out again.  

Borrowing Limits: Patrons can only have one large item (iPad, MacBook Air, or Chromebook) checked out at a time. We cannot offer extended loan periods or multiple devices loaned per person for special events at this time.

Notes on Usage: All equipment must be returned to an employee at the Information & Borrowing Desk during desk open hours. Patrons must sign an Equipment Borrowing Agreement before borrowing an iPad, MacBook Air, or Chromebook.

Bags: Items marked with an asterisk (*) in the table above are loaned with a bag, if patrons return these items without a bag they will be fined a $5 replacement fee. 

Laptops and Equipment

The library offers laptops and other technology for checkout. Click a link below to find out more information about the item and check availability under "Get It".

Policies and more information about software available on laptops are listed below in the box to the right in the policies section.

Laptop Loans (24 hours)

$10/hour overdue fines

Library Chromebooks
MacBook Airs

4 hour loans

$5/hour overdue fines

Chargers (Laptop & Phone):
iPhone lightning cable*
MacBook (w/MagSafe 2 adapter)*
MacBook USB-C wall adapter
Micro-USB cable*
USB-C cable*
 Wall adapters (USB)* and (USB quick charge/USB-C)
Financial calculator
Graphing calculator
Scientific calculator
Memory card reader
Power strip

24 hour loans

$5/hour overdue fines

Calculator (4-Function)
Dry-Erase markers (w/eraser)*
DVD drive (Apple and Windows)
Flash drive
Keyboard (Bluetooth)
Mouse (Bluetooth)
Video cables & adapters:
HDMI cable
Mini-display to HDMI
Mini-display to VGA

Multiday loans

$5/day overdue fines

Voice recorder* 3 Days
Transcription pedal 3 Days
Hard drive 7 Days

More information about Laptops and iPads

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The loaner iPads are loaned for 24 hours. Each iPad is loaned with a charger. The charger must be returned in the bag it was loaned in or users will be fined a $5 replacement fee. We ask that users refrain from logging into "Find My iPhone" and from setting passcodes on the devices. However, users can log into their iCloud accounts and have access to their own apps. Each device is completely wiped and refreshed upon return for security purposes.

The iPads all come with the standard iOS 10 apps and the following additional apps are currently installed:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Box
  • Calculator HD
  • Chrome
  • Dictionary (Merriam-Webster)
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • EndNote
  • Gmail
  • Keynote
  • Kindle
  • Nook
  • Notability
  • Numbers
  • Pages
  • Play Books
  • Sheets
  • SketchBook
  • Translate
  • YouTube
MacBook Airs

The MacBook Airs are loaned for 24 hours. Each MacBook Air is loaned with a charger. The charger must be returned in the bag it was loaned in or users will be fined a $5 replacement fee. Each MacBook Air is also loaned with a 2-piece plastic case. The MacBook Airs must be returned with their case or users will be fined a $5 replacement fee.

All of the MacBook Airs currently have macOS installed as well as the following programs:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • EndNote X7
  • Firefox
  • GarageBand
  • Google Chrome
  • iMovie
  • LabStats
  • Microsoft Office Mac 2016 (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, Outlook)
  • Skype
  • VLC
  • Zotero
Library Chromebooks

The Dell Library Chromebooks are loaned for 24 hours. Each Library Chromebook is loaned with a charger.

The Library Chromebooks run Chrome OS and have limited access to:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Online
  • Skype