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The LTS Public Services department will designate a "claims returned" status on the item for a limited period of time (60 days). During this time period LTS and the patron share the responsibility of locating a library item. LTS will search the library's collection at regular intervals. The patron, in turn, is expected to thoroughly search his/her room, home, office, etc. for the item.

LTS maintains a systematic charging and discharging procedure. Incoming items are discharged once at the service desk and then a second time before they are re-shelved. This double-discharging procedure significantly reduces error on the library's part. If the "claims returned" item is not located at the end of the 60-day search period then the item will revert to its original "loaned" status, and the patron assumes responsibility for replacing the item.

The patron will be notified of the status at the end of the 60-day search period. The patron then assumes responsibility for replacing the item.

By checking this box, you indicate that you understand and agree to abide by the terms of this contract.
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