Requests for Library Space

The Brandeis Library is happy to work with community members who may want to utilize library space for exhibits, programs, or other purposes.  We will balance and accommodate various types of activities, timetables, one-time and annual requests to the best of our ability and availability of space.  A calendar of events is located HERE.

To help us, please:

  • Give us as much advance notice as possible and provide a detailed description of your proposed use of library space, including any equipment, technical assistance, etc., that you are requesting from us or others on campus. 

  • Note that events can generally only be held during the operating hours of the library.  We require at least six weeks notice if you hope to use library space outside of normal library hours. After-hours use may not be possible to accommodate and/or may incur charges for staffing the building.

In order to place a request for use of library space, please complete the online form HERE. Typical types of requests include:

  • Student sponsored exhibit/Installation: Guidelines and responsibilities for installing artwork and returning space to its original state will be provided by library staff.
  • Student-curated exhibit/installation sponsored by department/office (e.g. The Rose Museum, class project, Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Arts, etc.)

  • Faculty/Staff Exhibits

  • Film/Photo request from Brandeis students

  • Film/Photo request from Brandeis faculty/staff

    • Contact Brenda Cummings, Director of Public Services, at Initial approval may require request to the campus Communications Office

  • Program or activity, e.g. dance, exhibit opening, performance

    • Be sure to clarify exactly what furniture, technical assistance, etc., is required from us or others on campus.

    • Event details must be communicated at least six weeks in advance of the event to hold the date. Otherwise, priority may be given to other requesters.

  • Use of the MakerLab.  Contact Ian Roy, Assistant Director for Research Technology and Innovation, at

  • Office/Department request for event or exhibit, e.g. Academic Fair


  • Film/Photo request by non-Brandeis entity - Contact the campus Communications Office

  • Non-Brandeis-affiliated artist request for exhibit space

Unless otherwise noted, Martha Barry is the library contact for requests. We will contact you within two business days to discuss your interest and whether it is a good fit for the library. Note that annual events may take precedence over new requests if the same library locations are involved. We will do our best to work with requestors on alternate dates or plans and to provide a decision six weeks in advance.