LTS Staff

Thank you for visiting our staff page and taking time to get to know us!

Within LTS we like to say that we are greater than the sum of our parts. But the individuals who make up LTS are a pretty fantastic group of people. We are dedicated professionals  — with a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, hobbies and personalities — who enjoy supporting the core research, teaching, and administrative functions at Brandeis.

In addition to using our expertise to support the University, LTS staff have a wide range of interests. Whether it's climbing the Grand Canyon, studying with a Buddhist monk on a mountaintop in Sri Lanka or winning a film award at the Toronto Film Festival, the staff of LTS bring a deep curiosity about the world and respect for the mission of Brandeis University to work everyday. By visiting the unit pages (using the links below) you can learn how we each contribute to the success of LTS — and Brandeis.

LTS Units

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