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Enterprise Solutions

Ofer Ben-Gai
Sr. Business Systems Analyst

We have several motos: Consistency leads to happiness. We love questions phrased in future tense. The only stupid questions are the ones that weren't asked.

Bhavikkumar Desai

Richard Dodds Jr.
Data Warehouse Developer

I am a member of the team that figures out how to combine information from the various PeopleSoft (and other) systems into one massive data warehouse. A data warehouse supports executive decision-making.

Lauri Doniger

Joshua Emery
Senior ETL Developer

I maintain the Datastage infrastructure for the Data Warehouse team. Datastage is the tool we use to move data from point a to point b, and then to build out the Data Warehouse.

Tom Gatton
Applications Administrator

Applications administration and support.

Jennifer Guerra
Senior Web Developer

Usually dealing with Identity Management stuff!

Shohreh Harris
Business Systems Analyst

Cathy Jameson
Manager of Human Resources ERP Applications

Cathy is responsible for the overall maintenance and support of the Human Resources ERP system, also known as BUSS.

Xiaofeng Ma
Sr. ERP Developer

Sarah Redman
Software Systems Manager

Sarah Redman is a Software Systems Manager at Brandeis University. In addition to creation and maintenance of web applications and middleware, she also provides system administration support for the university's installations of Cascade Server (CMS) and Wordpress (Blog Platform) as well as some (UNIX Apache/Tomcat) Web Servers and Tier 3 technical web support.

Ian Rifkin
Data Warehouse Architect

Ian Rifkin has been a Brandeis community member since 2000. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and a Master of Science degree in Information Technology Management. His experience at Brandeis ranges from web front-end coding, applications and middleware, databases, LDAP, and various other Web server technologies. In his current role of Data Warehouse Architect he manages a small team of people that are responsible for the complex loading and extraction of data to/from the warehouse (DataStage, PeopleSoft EPM) including creating reports (MicroStrategy) to assist strategic decision making to meet the University's goals

Garth Sainio
Senior Web Developer

John Saylor
web dev

(function() { var projects = [ 'moodle', 'webwork', 'ldap' ], msg = '', i; for( i = 0; i < projects.length; i++ ) { msg += 'i work on ' + projects[ i ] + " "; } return msg; })()

Karthik Shanmugam
Sr. Integration Architect

I work on PeopleSoft integrations and architecting new solutions within PeopleSoft.

Richard Trudel
Manager of Financial ERP Applications

Overall responsibility for technical support of ERP Financial Applications which include Budgeting and Finance.

So Wai Wong-Chan
Senior ERP Integration Developer and PeopleSoft Systems Administrator

So Wai is responsible for maintaining the overall architecture of all PeopleSoft ERP applications as well as developing and supporting integration between the ERP, Identity Management and other 3rd party systems.

David Wisniewski
Information Design Accessibility Specialist

Fei Wu
Business Intelligence Analyst

I work with customers and peers to meet particular data requirements, determine strategic questions for decision making, and seek answers by creating dashboards in MicroStrategy. I also play a role in strengthening the internal and external collaborations.