Symantec Antivirus Update

Dear members of the Brandeis Community,

On Monday, July 18th, Symantec antivirus will be updated on Windows computers at Brandeis University. This update will require each computer to be restarted. Users will see a notice from Symantec antivirus inviting them to restart the computer; they may choose to restart their computer immediately, or pick a time later in the day. 

The software will automatically restart computers that haven't been restarted by their users on Tuesday morning at 6 am. For this reason, all users should save any work in progress before leaving for the day on Monday the 18th.

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 If you do not manually restart your computer, it will automatically do so on Tuesday morning the 19th at 6 am. Please be sure to save any work in progress before leaving for the day on Monday the 18th.

How do you know if your computer is managed by LTS: The management software LTS uses is called "KACE" and if you find it on your computer then it is managed by LTS. In 64 bit Windows, the KACE application would be located at "c:\program files (x86)\dell\kace".  In 32 bit Windows, it would be located at "c:\program files\dell\kace". This software update will only be pushed to University  owned computers managed by LTS. If you find this file, you will not need to do anything but reboot when prompted.

Personally owned equipment or computers not managed by LTS will need to be manually updated. Please download the latest version from the University webstore at If you are not running an antivirus program on your computer, LTS provides free antivirus software available from the University webstore at

Thank you,

Michael Corn