Security Questions Retiremement

Dear Members of the Brandeis Community,

On November 7th LTS will eliminate self-service password reset security questions. All users who wish to make use of a self-service password reset mechanism (used when your password has expired and/or you have forgotten your password) will need to use the alternate self-service tool which was originally announced in January of 2015. See for more information on this easier to use alternative.

Action Required: Please update your account information with self-service reset information (a non-Brandeis email account and/or cell phone number) by going to If you do not set this self-service information, and you forget your password or allow it to expire, you will need to visit the LTS Helpdesk in person to have your password reset (for individuals who are not local to campus, an alternative over-phone method has been established). Many of the current security questions are easily guessable and we have seen an increase in compromised accounts that use guessable security questions as a means of compromise.

For more information on Brandeis' password management policies visit:

Please feel free to address questions directly to me (

Thank you

Michael Corn
Deputy CIO Library and Technology Services

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