Reporting Security Incidents

Dealing with Online Harassment

If you are being harassed online or know of someone who is, please send an email to with as much information as possible. Be sure to include your name, phone number, who is being harassed, and a description of the harassment.

Lost or Stolen Computer?

Contact LTS

LTS can track where computers are and have been on the Brandeis network. If your computer is stolen, email as soon as possible. Be sure to include the following:

  • Your UNet account name
  • The last place you saw it (with as much detail as possible; i.e. building, room name, etc)
  • The approximate time when you saw it last
  • Your MAC address, if you know it
Contact Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety will compile a police report of your stolen computer. You should call them on their non-emergency line (x6500).

Theft Prevention

Tracking software can be installed on your computer that will identify the location of your computer and/or the identity of the thief. Below are just some of the solutions available.

Prey - Support for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Mobile. Free lifetime trial, pay only if you have to begin tracking.

HiddenApp - Support for all Apple products. Price of $15 per year.

iCloud - A location service built into Apple devices. Few features but free for existing Apple customers. 

LoJack for laptops - Support for Windows and Mac. Price ranges from $30-60 per year.

Protect Your Private Information

If programs on your computer were set up to remember certain passwords, be sure to change those passwords. If your computer had a copy of your credit card number on it, cancel the card immediately and get a new one. Also, be sure to contact LTS if your computer had University-sensitive data on it.

Breach of Confidential Personal Information

If you know of or suspect a breach of confidential personal information, please contact the information security department by sending email to


If you receive a nuisance call (i.e. telemarketers), do not give them any of your personal information. It is recommended that you sign up for the National Do Not Call list here. Harassment or threat calls should be reported directly to campus police at x63333.